Daily Nugget of Gold 1147

Worry is a misuse of imagination.” – Dan Zadra


Daily Nugget of Gold 1147


Stop Resisting


Pretend we’re watching one of those reality shows on television about cops. Once in a while they encounter some suspected criminal who makes a run for it. Most of the time when the police finally catch them, everyone’s out of breath, the suspect is still squirming trying to get away, and the cops will yell to them “Stop resisting!” so they can cuff them and be done with it. It’s probably really good advice at this point to give it up and take the free ride in the police car, don’t you think? The suspect still has a tiny chance of getting away, but a far greater chance gaining a lot more aches and pains, not to mention- a far greater chance of getting shot, true?


So why would we bring this up in a discussion about The Law of Attraction? Our resistance is what thwarts much of the good we could attract into our lives. Our last discussion centered on how when we think we don’t deserve something nice we won’t get it- or worse, we’ll get it and it’ll soon turn to crap. We resist the good things we would otherwise have through our inner emotional struggles like this. There are other ways we might get in our own way, too.


One thing we do to keep ourselves away from the good that we desire might be through being fearful. Let’s explain that. Say you want to hit it big in the lottery, having a life free from worry about where the money will come from sure sounds nice- that’s the big reason so many folks play, isn’t it? Before we win, it would be absurd to think of everything that could go wrong once we’ve hit it big, wouldn’t it? Yet, we’re willing to bet (pun intended) that you’ve done it!


Have you ever bought a lottery ticket and feared any of the following? That you might have to pay a great deal of the jackpot in taxes? That someone else- maybe an ex-spouse or other relative might lay claim to it? That suddenly you’d have all sorts of relatives coming over that you didn’t like or weren’t even aware of? How about all those people who haunt lottery winners with their tough-luck stories? Or that you’ll be one of the many people winning a fortune only to blow it in short order? Don’t think for a minute that your subconscious mind is ignoring these fears. If you can think of them, they dwell within you. If these fears present themselves as you buy your ticket, then they might be there to assist you in thinking you didn’t win when you had. Yup. It happens all the time! A great many winning tickets go unclaimed.


We’ve got more to add to this discussion but not enough space to do that today. Let’s get all of the roadblocks out of our way between ourselves and our desires, shall we?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to stop resisting good fortune?”


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