Daily Nugget of Gold 1148

The key to change is to let go of fear” – Rosanne Cash


Daily Nugget of Gold 1148


The Fine Line Between Excitement and Fear


They can feel very similar, excitement and fear. Both tend to produce a state of heightened awareness, both can evoke a biological response in the body, can’t they? Is it possible to feel both of these emotions simultaneously? It seems like that’s a given. Consider a roller-coaster ride, if you will. There is this fear of what might go wrong, or that we are doing something dangerous but in fact it’s almost always very safe indeed. Thrill seekers often seek out challenges most of the rest of us would rather avoid. Very few people climb Mount Everest- at least to the summit. Why is that? It’s our guess that few people really want to.


Life Coach Anthony Robbins said that fear is not a bad thing, it’ll help us pay attention- just as long as fear doesn’t become a jailer. We’re not here today to try and convince anyone to eliminate all fear from what we do. Our mission today is to provide a healthy balance for enabling The Law of Attraction to deliver upon what we desire to have, do, or be. Excitement is extremely handy in this regard. Fear? Not so much. But wait, they are related, aren’t they? Yeah, that’s where the fine line thing comes in.


If we imagine a horizontal line on a piece of paper and then we imagine an arrow pointing at the halfway point from above, and write “fear” on the left of that line, and “excitement” on the right of it- that could be our “Fear-O-Meter”. Imagine an activity you might do to reach your desired destiny- if it were to have more success at work, does anything fearful come up? What about public speaking? How about traveling? How about fearing failure? As we contemplate bringing into our lives the abundance that is our birthright, there are going to be things we aren’t familiar with and maybe a bit more than a little scared of. These are the things we fear. So where is our “Fear-O-Meter” when we think about the success we wish to create ourselves in any particular regard? Where is it for more money? Where is it for a closer relationship? Where is it for increased responsibility?


What we want to do when we think of any goal, of any prize we wish to have- anything- we want to be more excited than fearful. That arrow should be at 80 or 90% excitement, and most certainly not the other way around. Yes, we can keep a little fear in there, it actually helps to build the excitement up- but we really want to limit fear’s influence on whether or not we can attract something we desire to ourselves through The Law of Attraction. Anticipatory excitement is a magical state of mind which has the ability to bring what we want into our existence. Sure, it’s a balancing act, but one you can handle with a little practice. Just keep in mind that if you fear what you want as much as you are excited about it, the odds are it will never happen. Make your goals exciting as you think about them and let the fear go.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to keep feeding into a state of anticipatory excitement daily?”


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