Daily Nugget of Gold 1158

Dance is the hidden language of the soul.” – Martha Graham


Daily Nugget of Gold 1158


Shared Blessings


Our daughter, Lizzy, attends dance school in our hometown. Faberge Follies Dance and Tumble is a local treasure. We’ve learned so much about life and the rainbow of wealth through the example set by the owner and dedicated teaching staff there.


As long as I can walk, I will dance. As long as I can speak, I will teach.” – Miss Faberge


Oddly enough, although your author isn’t a dancer, he had the pleasure of attending classes one year- designed for fathers. There were about 40 of us in the class and we did one routine together and another one of three based on the age of our child in the school. We say that not to toot our own horn, but to give the reader some insight to how well we know first-hand the philosophy and attitude of our teachers.


Obtaining the riches life has to offer has everything to do with finding and enjoying the gems others might miss, so our discussion here today is right on target. Look at the quote we offered above from Miss Fab (as we affectionately call her). There are two messages being conveyed here and their juxtaposition to each other is key. We want to enjoy the blessings we have received. Why wouldn’t we? If we are blessed, and yet curse the blessings we’ve been given, what good is that? If we thoroughly enjoy what we do then we can be truly happy from a heart overflowing with love.


The second thought she tied together with the first is centered in the sharing of her blessings with others so that they can know the joy she’s found in her own life. The expression of feelings through dance is a powerful and evocative force, and like all forms of wealth- is unlimited in quantity and quality. The Law of Attraction gives us what we are deep down in our hearts, it expresses what we represent into the world around us and allows us to enjoy the refinements we’ve internalized. In short, our world is a reflection of who we are and if that reflection is beautiful and wonderful then we have found the treasure that money can’t buy.


Enjoy the gifts you were given. Share them freely and frequently with those you meet, true happiness is really that simple.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to enhance my blessings by sharing them with others?”


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