Daily Nugget of Gold 1161

Gratitude is riches, complaint is poverty.” – Doris Day


Daily Nugget of Gold 1161


Garage Sales


We’re going to talk about a subject not usually addressed in the circles of thought concerning The Law of Attraction- garage sales. There are two kinds of these which we need to differentiate before we begin. One type is the person or family which decides to get rid of some unused or unwanted items to raise a little cash and the other is the kind where someone is always seeking stuff to sell, perhaps from other garage sales, and selling it. They might even find things placed at the curb and decide to make a little profit on it. The first example we gave is usually thought of as acceptable, the second- not so much- especially by the neighbors of such people. For today, we’re only addressing the first type of garage or yard sale.


One thing for sure, when we are talking about The Law of Attraction, what people do as common practice is usually the exact opposite of what they should be doing in order to attract wealth and this isn’t much different. But…but…how could seeking to make a little extra money off of goods we no longer need or want- how could that possibly be bad? How could making a little money drive away riches? It doesn’t make sense, does it?


Bob Proctor who ‘suddenly’ gained world-wide fame in the movie The Secret, had an earlier production he made called, You Were Born Rich. In that video seminar he spoke about garage sales and said whenever he was driving by one he would say a little prayer for the people having them. He said that it’s far better to just “give it away”. Give it away freely and without thought as to getting anything in return, he added.


So what did Bob know that most people don’t get? In getting the Law of Attraction to work in our favor, we want to do everything we can to cultivate the mindset of wealth, that we are already rich. We want to feel blessed. In doing that then we invite much more wealth into our lives. The Law of Attraction doesn’t respond favorably to beliefs that we don’t have enough. That’s a feeling of “lack” and the only thing that can come of that feeling or mindset is more of the same, under the law.

If we believe we are so blessed that we can freely share it with others without expecting anything in return, then we have the mindset of wealth. What will we attract to ourselves in that case? More wealth. As you look around, do most people act this way, like the wealth in their lives is abundant enough that they can give away what they have? Remember, the money we make on a garage sale might buy us a couple of pizzas or maybe even help with the rent- but the riches we gain in feeling that we live in abundance far outpace anything like that. Confession here: Your author had multiple garage sales before he learned of this item but immediately saw the wisdom in Bob’s observations and now follows his suggestions on this. What a blessing that is!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


How can I change my thinking and begin believing I am wonderfully blessed?”


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