Daily Nugget of Gold 1162

You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” – Debbie Macomber


Daily Nugget of Gold 1162


Those Perpetual Yard and Garage Sales


Okay, we spoke about how the occasional garage sale seller trying to unload some unwanted items for a little cash may be doing damage to themselves in the response from The Law of Attraction they’ll get. We also talked about how giving away these items freely and without desire for compensation would lead to more wealth creation through the law. What about that other kind of garage sale seller that does it all the time, sort of like a business. This kind of person is usually thought of annoying or a scourge by their neighbors and towns. They often try to prevent people from running such businesses out of their homes to keep residential areas free of such “salespeople” hawking their goods.


We won’t tackle the issues that may arise with the neighbors or towns, for this discussion it’s not a relevant point. We’re only going to look at what reactions they might have through The Law of Attraction to what they are thinking as they do this. If their thoughts are that they are happily engaged in a labor of love, that they find treasure and put it into the hands of folks who want and/or need a bargain- and that they charge for the leg work involved in making that happen, there is no conflict with the law (of Attraction, that is- civil law is an entirely different matter, LOL).


If a person believes that this is the only thing they can do to scrape up a few dollars and they are forced to do this to survive? Ouch. That’s as bad as just charging for your own junk from the standpoint of The Law of Attraction. Do you see where these finer points, this different way to think that we are talking about may trip up otherwise well-intended folks to work against their own best interests?


Don’t feel bad if you didn’t get this one at first, your author, for a long time a student of The Law of Attraction, failed miserably at seeing these nuances himself. What’s really great news is that these little changes in our thinking tend to stack up and within a very short time we can change our results as we begin to adopt more and more the wealth consciousness that we want and need to have.


Shall we point fingers of blame at those who screw this up? Shall we berate them and tell them they’re stupid? No. That would not be nice or smart. Bob Proctor had the right approach, say a little prayer for such people and move on. That, and maybe speak of it in a general audience where no one is likely believe we are talking about them specifically.


So, does your author want a garage sale going on every week next door to him? Of course not. Still, it’s not the worst thing that could happen, to us is it?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to change my thinking for the better regarding the accumulation of wealth?”


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