Daily Nugget of Gold 1163

Passion and purpose go hand in hand. When you discover your purpose, you will normally find it’s something you’re tremendously passionate about.” – Steve Pavlina


Daily Nugget of Gold 1163


The Magic of Giving Our All


The history books are filled with people who have made a mark for themselves by giving whatever they’ve chosen to do in life their all. These aren’t ordinary folks in the respect that this idea of giving everything they’ve got to what they do isn’t an ordinary way of life- however- these folks usually come from very ordinary families and neighborhoods. What is it that turns an ordinary, average person into an achiever of great things? There’s lots of triggers, who knows? It could be the desire to never live in poverty again, it might be to have the best record in basketball, maybe it’s to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. Whatever the trigger, there’s magic in going all-out.


As with most sessions we share together, we’re not going to focus much on the things folks usually examine when observing someone who has mastered what they set out to do. We’re going to center our discussion on what happens with The Law of Attraction when people make such extraordinary efforts. Sometimes folks say that such people are obsessed. We suppose there’s some truth in that. We think that there is this response from the law which is based on how thoroughly we believe in ourselves, and also in how much we believe in the mission in life we’ve chosen. One reason people might seem obsessed to an outside observer could be that those folks have found a way to tap into resources most of us don’t even know exist.


When we have self-doubt or fear of failure to any degree, that belief- however slight must manifest into our reality. If we can narrow our focus only onto excellence, improvement, and efficiency of service and shut out worry and doubt then we must be greeted by an equal measure or more of what we put into our efforts. The Law of Attraction and The Law of Growth both go to work in that regard on our behalf.


Giving our all does something else which is awesome and a huge blessing- it turns on the flow of intuitive thought. As we tune into our gut feelings, our sense of intuition, we cross barriers which may stop others. When we are engaged in a labor of love, we often don’t recognize the difficulties other people have in doing the same thing. This is a cool thing because our passion opens doors for us and The Law of Attraction brings into our experience all we need to pursue it and experience it. Now, for a moment, think of the flip side of this as well, and seek to understand how this law can work against us when we are passionate about being negative. That can be scary, indeed!


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What can I do to develop a love for doing what I choose to do?”


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