Daily Nugget of Gold 1164

When a person goes into a relationship emotionally needy, they are not going to have discernment in choosing people.” – Jennifer O’Neill


Daily Nugget of Gold 1164


Needy People


Please don’t confuse what we’re going to talk about here. There are poor people in the world, folks without much money or often the ability to support themselves. We have the mentally challenged, drug addicted, people with mental disorders and the severely physically disabled folks among us- and they aren’t to be confused with the group of people we’ll call- for lack of a better term- “needy people”.


To some extent, many of us are “needy” in some way. Some of us crave being loved, others are needy in the desire to feel important, some people feel that they need to control things, still others lust after money. Many times people will find some way to placate that need through the work they choose or the relationships they enter into. We wanted to take a moment and examine the relationship that The Law of Attraction has with the feeling, the emotion, of need. That’s our purpose here right now.


If The Law of Attraction gives us more of what we are, what can we expect to come into our lives as experience, people, and events if we feel needy? Let’s put the law aside for a moment and just examine some basics: Think of a guy who’s needy when it comes to dating women. Do you see in your mind’s eye a man who is falling all over himself to let her know he loves her and desperately wants to have a serious relationship with her? What do you imagine her response is to that? Maybe to be repelled or repulsed by him, possibly she figures he’s a guy she can easily take advantage of or use in some way? If that’s what you see when you imagine this in your mind, ask yourself- does his neediness sound like a firm foundation for a healthy relationship?


Now let’s think about how The Law of Attraction figures into this. Any emotional state we dwell in is matched by the law by giving us in our reality the people, circumstances, and events which correspond to that state of mind. A fearful mind brings about the realization of what’s feared, a loving mind brings forth more love. So what does a needy mind produce? More need. MORE! Yikes! Like it isn’t bad enough to be needy! We want to be careful in what we are feeling because if we’re feeling any negative emotion we’ll end up with an abundance of it through this law. It’s a tough cycle to break, isn’t it? Next time let’s examine how to do that. Until then, ask yourself our question of the day today.


Question of The Day to Ask Ourselves


Am I needy in some way and if so- in what way(s)?


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