Daily Nugget of Gold 1166

They are able who think they are able.” – Virgil


Daily Nugget of Gold 1166


That Pesky Feeling of Lack


Can we start out here on this issue with a simple and meaningful observation? It occurs to us that a person who feels needy also must believe that they lack whatever they believe they need. What do you think about that? It seems to us that it’s one thing to have plenty of something and want to have more because we like it; it’s quite another to need it because we have scant little or none of it and we desperately want or need whatever it is. Desperation isn’t exactly an admirable trait, is it?


So what is it, here? Why all this talk about feelings? What does that have to do with our supply of things like money and love, our friends and relationships, our possessions and social standing? Well, that’s a good question and it all goes back to the importance of recognizing the influence of The Law of Attraction and it’s role of shaping our world. Most people would believe that a feeling of lack would trigger more abundance because we would then notice we don’t have enough of something and set out to do something about it. That’s exactly the kind of thinking which perpetuates poverty, unfortunately.


Since The Law of Attraction can only give us more of what we believe we are, then the acceptance and the dwelling upon the negative can only bring us more of that, under the law. The solution isn’t to focus on our lack, but in what ways we are abundant beyond measure. But wait, but wait- what if we have nothing? What if we are poor and our bank account non-existent, how can we feel like we have prosperity? Most people are so in tune with what they lack that they cannot see the amazing amount of abundance within themselves or their world. Is that you? If so, let’s fix that together.


The answers to all of these questions lies within our focus. The beauty of that last statement that we made here is this: We have absolute and final control over what we choose to think about. No one, no corporation, no government entity, no other human being has the power to make us think about anything unless we ourselves willingly submit to thinking that way. For some, these are radical ideas. So many people live their lives thinking so and so proclaim “she made me mad” or “he forced me to think that way” when in fact they granted them the permission to control their focus. Let’s choose not to do that.


The great news in all of this is that we already have the ability we need in order to accomplish this simple task. We all are aware of times when we have given such rapt attention to something or someone that we had shut out everything else around us. Once again, we’ve run out of space, but not out of thoughts on how to turn those negative circumstances we’ve may be finding ourselves in around for the better. Won’t you accompany us when we continue next time?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What am I thankful for today?”


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