Daily Nugget of Gold 1167

Nothing’s beautiful from every point of view.” – Horace


Daily Nugget of Gold 1167


Perspective Modification


Have you ever seen the Canadian show, Just for Laughs or perhaps the old American show, Candid Camera? Both shows are about setting up some sort of unusual gag or practical joke and filming the reactions people have to it. Some of the gags are elaborate and just sort of boggle the mind as people aren’t quick enough to figure out just how they’ve been fooled into believing they saw the impossible happen right before their eyes. Once someone shows them how it was done then most of the time they just have a good laugh over it and smile for the camera- no harm done.


What happened was that once the unsuspecting passer-by saw things from another angle or was told how the prank was pulled off, then suddenly it all made sense. Likewise, these shows depend on this person seeing things from a limited perspective in order to achieve the stunt and the astonishment of “victim” of the gag. That’s how powerful perspective can be.


If perspective can have us believe the impossible is possible, what about having us believe what we think might be unlikely to be likely? Some people may object and say that, “Yeah, but we’d be lying to ourselves.” Really? Really? Let’s ask you a question if you are such a person. Do you suppose that whether or not we believe something is possible might, just might have something to do with the likelihood that we will be successful at it? Further, if The Law of Attraction gives us more of what we are, do we really want it to return to us a constant stream of hopelessness because that’s how we feel right now?


If a person’s perspective can hide or reveal the truth, doesn’t it follow that getting things from more than one angle might help us understand what we are seeing so we aren’t so easily fooled? The problem many people have with their perspective is that they are mainly taking in the view of the negative and not the positive. Some folks specialize in finding the flaws in everything and everyone they see. Guess what that kind of focus nets them? Is there a better way? You betcha. We’re quite confident at this point that we’ve got your curiosity stoked well enough that you’ll join us in wrapping this discussion up. Why do we say that? If you didn’t desire positive change, you wouldn’t be reading this right now, would you?


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What do I appreciate most in my life?”


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