Daily Nugget of Gold 1175

When nothing is sure, everything is possible.” – Margaret Drabble


Daily Nugget of Gold 1175


Big Challenges and Attraction


We spoke about the bigger challenge in our last piece, how taking on more helps us grow, feel better about ourselves, and accomplishes greater things. Now we wish to turn our attention to what the The Law of Attraction has in store for us when we dare to do more.


In order to take on some type of larger project something usually has to give. Most of us feel like we are fairly busy already and one of the reasons why many people turn down an opportunity to do more is because they just can’t imagine how they’d handle it all. Not to worry, we become more efficient as the need increases.. Perhaps the greatest example of this is in having children. A couple who are becoming parents for the first time very often feel extremely overwhelmed with all the work involved in raising just one baby or toddler. Here they have just that one child but it seems like the work load and financial strains are tremendous. A lot of these folks feel a great amount of gratitude when the kid begins to attend school, even.


What about the folks who have a second child? It seems easier because they’ve been through many of the new experiences already, doesn’t it? How about families that have 3 or 4 or more kids? What makes it easier for parents to have many children than just one – as in effort expended per child? The answer is efficiency. Knowledge helps, but efficiency must be increased. We find better ways to do things, we find solutions to get things done faster and we dispose of wasteful habits and concentrate on doing the things we need to do more spending precious time on every little whim or want.


The Law of Attraction helps us with all of this because our mind is focused on finding a way to get things done in a more efficient manner. It is because we are concentrating our thoughts on that objective that solutions flow to us. Our intuitive guidance is enhanced because we so desperately need an answer to the vexing problems we face that we don’t question the intuition when we receive it. That attitude is also duplicated through the law and we get in “the groove” of things going right.


Your author had the pleasure of knowing a family with 13 kids and getting to see what they did differently than other folks do. They didn’t have a lot of money, but the 13 children included one who was adopted. We think when they had twelve- they probably thought, “Hey, what’s one more? No one’s likely to even notice!” Ha ha.


Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves


What am I willing to give up in order to grow?”


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