Daily Nugget of Gold 1213

When you cage your ego and look at the situation from the other persons point of view, you can almost always find a way to work together for your mutual advantage.” – Senora Roy

Daily Nugget of Gold 1213

Mutual Attraction

One of the lesser understood aspects about The Law of Attraction is that it works in two or more directions at the same time. What do we mean by that? One of the greatest blessings- or curses- about this law is that whatever we are attracting to ourselves is also attracted to us. As we said, this can go both ways so it’s really important to be attracting to ourselves what we want rather than what we don’t want. How is it possible that something or someone would be attracted to us as we are seeking it or them? We probably would lose most people in the explanation of how physics or God may play a role in this, but suffice it to say- it seems to be designed that way.

Suppose we need someone with advertizing expertise as we are focused on our mission in life. We are keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind as we ask for the help we need. Whom do we ask? Ourselves, by affirming to ourselves that someone of that background is needed, or we could ask God in prayer, or just come to the realization that this would be helpful as we focus on what we are trying to do.

Out there, somewhere, there will be someone searching for such an opportunity to serve, and at whatever compensation we might have available to do so. The compensation could be as simple as desiring to be on a team set about accomplishing what it is we are trying to do, it could be some mutually beneficial arrangement, or for financial reward. In any case, the perfect match for the needs of each will be found. If a person is looking for looking for financial compensation and it seems that this isn’t likely, then either another person will come along or some sort of adjustment will be made.

Did you notice how sure we sounded in all of this? This is the thing about The Law of Attraction, we can really have faith in it’s ability to deliver. How do we come to such a point where we have that kind of faith? We practice keeping ourselves in a positive state of mind and ask for whatever we need on a regular basis and notice those things showing up as if by magic. We make a written record of when it happens and then we begin to see it’s no accident after a spell.

We have a confession to make, most of the time when there is both a positive and a negative to address, we seem to be drawn to writing about the negative first. That’s a bad habit we’re working on getting rid of. Notice? We still want to cover the other side of this law and we’ll do that next time. See you then!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What do I need to move ahead with what I am trying to do?”

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