Daily Nugget of Gold 1217

It seems that fighting is a game where everybody is the loser.” – Zora Neale Hurston

Daily Nugget of Gold 1217

Putting Up a Good Fight

The documentary movie about The Law of Attraction, The Secret, had some scenes in it where they pointed out that putting our emotional energy against something perpetuates it. This nuance of The Law of Attraction isn’t really understood all that well by most people as evidenced in how many things we see the need to fight to eliminate or in order to force change. Let’s examine a few things people see the need to fight to help illustrate the point.

We have this “war on drugs”, don’t we? We have an anti-war movement as well. We hear people say they are trying to get out of debt. These things were all mentioned in The Secret, and the movie discusses each one and explains why it’s better to instead focus on creating the condition we seek. For drugs, we want to promote the benefits of being drug free, instead of being anti-war, Chicken Soup for the Soul creator and best selling author Jack Canfield pointed out that Mother Theresa declined going to an anti-war demonstration, but said if you have a rally for peace, invite me. Bob Proctor pointed out that putting our emotional effort on “getting out of debt” will keep us in debt forever. His advice was to focus on prosperity after setting up an automatic debt reduction program. There were other scenes in the movie as well devoted to this topic.

What about us? What and who do we fight with or about? Do we fight with our kids over keeping their rooms clean? Do we fight about money with our spouse? Are we finding ourselves fighting our co-workers in an effort to get them to do their fare share or at least to perform better? Do we see ourselves as fighting winter weather, or getting angry over our car repair bills? Do we believe we have to compete in order to survive? Many folks only somewhat familiar with the inner workings of The Law of Attraction might think that when we are fighting we are no longer creating, and in a way they are right- we are no longer creating solutions. We are, however, still creating. What we are creating is increased opposition to fight against. Yikes!

Whatever we put our emotional energy into grows in our lives. We want to make sure that as we attempt to move towards whatever results we desire that we aren’t instead fixated- in an emotional sense- on the problem. We want to see the solution and move towards it rather than dwell on the problem as we try and escape it. Oh, it’s a subtle difference in phraseology, for sure- but a major difference in how The Law of Attraction responds to the emotional currents we feel.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do differently so as to put the power of creation into what I want?”

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