Daily Nugget of Gold 1218

He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else”. ~Benjamin Franklin

Daily Nugget of Gold 1218

The Love of the Game

We meet a lot of folks who are hoping someday to play professional sports in one capacity or another. Hey, the pay is good, for sure, but what about the chances someone could end up with world class athletes and strut their stuff? We want to point out that anyone’s chances of doing this don’t seem to be very good, given that there are only a very limited number of slots available and there are a huge amount of people looking to do this for a living.

For those people who think that it’s wrong to encourage youth to pursue a career on the field or in the basketball court in spite of the steep odds against them, we have some folks you might want to meet, Jim Abbott, Pete Gray, and Tom Dempsey.

Jim Abbott played for four different professional baseball teams, The NY Yankees, California Angels, Milwaukee Brewers, and The Chicago White Sox as a pitcher. He threw a no-hitter against the Cleveland Indians in 1993, and had 87 wins in his career. Currently Jim serves as a motivational speaker. Jim Abbott was born without a right hand.

Pete Gray was born in 1915 and lived until 2002. He had a batting average of .333, had 63 stolen bases in 1944 and as a result was named the most valuable player by the Southern Association. He was an amazing outfielder with an extremely high fielding percentage and played for a number of teams. He did all of this in spite of losing his right arm in a childhood truck accident.

Tom Dempsey, a former American professional football kicker played on five teams in the NFL the New Orleans Saints, Philadelphia Eagles, Los Angeles Rams, Houston Oilers, and Buffalo Bills. He was most widely known for kicking a 63 yard field goal against The Detroit Lions, besting the record at that time by 7 yards, winning the game. Dempsey has an accomplished career despite being born without fingers on his right hand and without toes on his right foot- his kicking foot.

We could go on, but you get the point. So what did these guys have in common? Their love of the game. They overcame the challenges they had because they wanted to play. We all have obstacles we must overcome if we are to be successful, don’t we? It seems that a”white heat of burning desire” as Napoleon Hill put it, will not be denied provided we whip ourselves up into such a state of mind.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to fan the flames of my desire to succeed?”

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