Daily Nugget of Gold 1222

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” – Rumi

Daily Nugget of Gold 1222

Price and Value in the Workplace

Have you ever heard of the great standoff? Someone does just enough work so they won’t get fired and their boss pays them just enough so they won’t quit! There is, sadly, an element of truth in that. Of course, the ideal is teamwork and in some places of employment, there is a concerted effort between the employer and the employees to give more value than what’s considered to be the minimum. It’s natural and even healthy for both workers and companies to have an interest in price and value.

From the workers standpoint, the price paid is the time and the effort put forth, the sacrifices one needs to make in order to devote themselves to the task, the risk of injury or death needs to be factored in as well. On the workers’ end of things, value isn’t such an easy thing to measure. Value could be dollars in the paycheck, but it’s often more. Health care, retirement plans, and various other benefits will usually play a role. Sometimes the employer provides transportation or even a car. Value could also be measured in job satisfaction, how one feels about the work they are doing and whether or not they are making a difference- maybe for the company, possibly for society or some segment thereof.

For the employer, management relies on the productivity of the staff in order for them to enjoy pay and benefits. Management might play a role in “line work” but sometimes they don’t at all, or do so only when it’s an absolute must. Whether a company turns a profit or fulfills a mission depends a great deal on the performance of the workers, and that includes everyone. Profit and prestige are probably most important to a company, but having an important role in the betterment of society and in helping workers get whatever rewards they seek may be a goal, too.

It would seem that the most successful companies out there are those who can get everyone working together as a team to not only accomplish the work at hand but also to insure that their people are given above average compensation of one form or another. This is perhaps why some of the most successful companies out there are largely employee-owned– everyone has a stake in both the success of the company and in the rewards of the individual.

Each side of this equation, we think, would do well to be careful not to cheat the other on value. It’s a foolish employee who thinks a day spent avoiding work is a good one, and an incompetent management team who believe they can seriously shortchange their workforce. Both practices are likely to have one foot n the grave as far as a successful outcome is concerned.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

How can I maximize the value I give?”

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