Daily Nugget of Gold 1230

I believe greatness is an evolutionary process that changes and evolves era to era.” – Michael Jordan

Daily Nugget of Gold 1230

An Amazing Revolution

Something has been happening more and more and our society as a whole is rocketing through this era into previously uncharted areas. As with many things that happen around us, many of us haven’t actually noticed the amount of rapid change taking place- or should we say that we haven’t fully appreciated the magnitude of it all. We’re adapting quite well, of course, most of us. Some people who find themselves positioned on the wrong end of this aren’t. Who are those who might be struggling right now? Those folks who had made a living providing content in places like newspapers, in recorded music, in movies, and in television. Is gaming next? Could be!

What’s happening is that news and entertainment is moving from certain established venues into the computer from the internet. Most newspapers are suffering huge losses and finding that their advertising revenue is dwindling down rapidly. Magazines titles are going out of print virtually every month. Television ratings are in decline, especially televised news. Hollywood studios are desperate to find things to produce where they won’t lose their shirts in the process.

Is it all bad news? No, of course not. Wherever one door shuts another one opens. Savvy companies are providing entertainment without having to pay for providing the content of the entertainment. One of the pioneers in this field was eBay. What, eBay? Really? Yes- shopping can be a form of entertainment, haven’t you browsed to pass the time on occasion? Unlike a brick and mortar store, eBay doesn’t stock the shelves with lots of interesting and fun stuff- their users do. In similar fashion, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat don’t supply what content the house, their users do. This is also true for YouTube and Vimeo.

Now, as the world transforms into user generated content, there is a lot of mixing together of the old with the new. On YouTube, Hulu, or Netflix you can watch old TV shows, for example. The difference on YouTube and related sites right now is that you can generate content yourself, shoot a video and have it seen hundreds of times perhaps, or if popular enough- it could “go viral” and reach millions of times. Then perhaps an “old school” media outlet might even pick it up and send it into orbit.

One message in all of this should be clear as day- change is inevitable. Either we adapt to it or we suffer the consequences. There is more opportunity out there than there ever was, it’s just found in a different form than what we were accustomed to.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What are the new opportunities can I take advantage of in this changing market?”

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