Daily Nugget of Gold 1234

Life is the continuous adjustment of internal relations to external relations.” – Herbert Spencer

Daily Nugget of Gold 1234

A Recovery Plan

In our last session, we discussed the importance of turning our focus away from our problems when we’ve messed up really badly. We do this so that we enable The Law of Attraction to work in our favor instead of against us. If we trace back from a real low point in our lives, we will often find it to have been preceded by other low points, almost in a progression. This is also The Law of Attraction in action, but not in the way that we want to go. Sometimes it’s only when we feel we’ve hit absolute rock-bottom that we become truly positive because we reach a point of realization that it would be extremely unlikely for it to get any worse than it is. Our point here is to say that it’s really up to us to determine at what point bottom is.

Your author carries around a “Gratitude Rock” as suggested in The Secret. We don’t do this because we’re trying to be cool, or that we feel we are better than the next guy, we do it because we’ve recognized that we need help in keeping our focus positive, and we need help in keeping ourselves in a good mood most of the time. The deal with a Gratitude Rock is that every time we touch that rock we will think of what we are happy and grateful for instead of what hurts. None of us are perfect, and this little rock does the trick in helping us when we feel low. Our rock is pointy on purpose, so we know it’s there.

Another thing we can do is to pick a goal- a dream with a deadline, and write it down then commit it to memory reading it when we go to bed at night, as we arise in the morning, and several times during the day. By doing this we are giving our subconscious mind direction and we are pulling ourselves toward outcomes we want rather than the unfavorable outcomes we’d get if we were dwelling on our problems instead.

Instead of staring at our problems, let’s focus our attention on trying to have other people feel good about themselves. The more we do that by spotting genuinely positive things about them and letting them know how much we like, appreciate, or admire them for it, the better we feel ourselves. The trick is to feel good about ourselves in order to pull out of a dive. Remember that with The Law of Attraction, what we see on the outside in our reality is a reflection of what we are on the inside. The only real way to change our reality is to change how we are, how we feel, on the surface of our mind right down to the depths our our subconscious mind. It’s never instantaneous, but it’s the fastest way to promote true and lasting change.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is the quickest and best way I can change a negative state of mind into a positive one?”

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