Daily Nugget of Gold 1233

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We are supposed to forgive everyone; everyone includes ourselves.” – Denis Waitley

Daily Nugget of Gold 1233

Turning it Around

Have you ever messed up “BIG TIME”? What we do next is critical in turning this whole thing around. This is probably going to be one of the most challenging things to pull off both internally and externally because what most people do when they make a huge mistake is to choose to do the things that won’t reverse their fortunes and could even make things much worse. A key strategy for doing this was given to us by Anthony Robbins in his Personal Power audio series, summed up in one little sentence, “The past does not equal the future.” What we did yesterday or last week or last month (we’re still paraphrasing Mr. Robbins) isn’t what’s most important. It’s what we do now that counts, what we decide to do from this point on. What’s done is done.

Think back to the last time you viewed or read The Secret. When we are feeling down and depressed about some sort of screw up that we were responsible for, what we are really doing is inviting in more to feel sorry for, more agony. As quickly as we can- we want to banish the self-blame and the guilt and be done with it. We can do this by vowing never to make that mistake again and then actively working to do this that put us in a better state of mind. Understanding that everyone makes mistakes , big and small will also allow us to fully and completely forgive ourselves. Remember, as they said in The Secret, our moods are the key here. Good moods bring more good things to us and bad moods bring more bad into our lives. Which of those would be your choice to have?

Warning- this idea of being in a good mood soon after we messed up big time might not seem socially acceptable to us so we often think there will be societal pressure to be cowering like a pet dog in the corner, living- at that point- in fear of its master. It’s very healthy to admit fault, to admit blame, what’s unhealthy is not to immediately change course by finding ways to give of ourselves instead of dwelling on the negative. If we’re tempted to live in the state of mind that we are worthless because we’ve done wrong, then what’s likely to happen is we’ll begin to live that reality. Who wants that?

So what to say to the outside world? What should we believe internally? “I messed up, and it’s my fault, but I’ve vowed to make this a learning experience and never to put myself in this situation again, if I can help it. I’ve decided that instead of feeling low, I will focus on my many blessings and take an active role in helping others less fortunate than me.” We promise you there are folks out there in need of YOUR help, of YOUR love, and of YOUR caring. You still have all of that to give and giving is where we begin to feel better about ourselves and thus put ourselves in that positive state of mind we must have to pull out of the downward spiral.

So how do you monitor how you’re doing? How do you feel right now? If you feel good, then you are on the right course. If you feel bad, the thing to do is to change course. You are worth so much more than you ever will imagine you are. You were put here for a reason. Find it and act on it. Bless you!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to turn this around right now?”

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