Daily Nugget of Gold 1239

If you confer a benefit, never remember it; if you receive one, never forget it” – Chilon

Daily Nugget of Gold 1239

Four Way Stop Signs

What could four way stop signs have to do with success and The Law of Attraction? More than you might think. If you drive and you’ve stopped at one, the rules are pretty simple. If you get there first, you go first, after you stop. If there’s a tie, the person to the right goes first. These stop signs slow down traffic at intersections so there are less serious accidents, and they also allow traffic to keep moving along at a decent pace. Not bad for a bit of signage, huh?

We would just bet that if you’ve gone to enough of these intersections, you noticed something else. People don’t play by the simple rules we stated above. Either folks charge through the intersection out of turn, or the more frequent “rule breaker” is the overly courteous driver who gets there first, sits there as you approach the intersection, and then waves you on through it. If you wave for them to go, what seems to happen most is they wave at you to go instead. These folks are determined! You can get into a “wave war” with them and they will not give in! We can see our audience waving in agreement on this, punching their fists in the air and so on.

What to do on both counts? Well, first- be very careful and understand that people don’t always play by the rules… but you knew that, right? For the overly courteous driver? Once they wave you on, and the intersection is otherwise safe, go. Wave nicely at them as you go, as if they granted you your most important blessing of the day. Why? Because acceptance of a gift in gracious fashion demonstrates to your deeper mind, your subconscious mind- that you are worthy of that gift. Insisting that you won’t accept a gift, or demanding you be the gift giving party instead, tells your subconscious mind that either you are unworthy or controlling. If you put out either of these vibrations, your overall reality will be a product of your internalization.

The other reason you wish to accept this “gift” of going first is simple, you help them feel good about themselves, and that in turn helps you feel good about yourself. Cheerfully wave and go when it’s safe, and everyone wins. There are a lot of other instances in life where people butt heads about who is going to be the bigger person by being the gift giver, and we would strongly advise folks not to play that game. Accept what’s offered with sincere appreciation and forget about your ego. In that way you put out the best of vibrations to which The Law of Attraction responds with blessings galore.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to remember to allow others to give when they want the opportunity to?”

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