Daily Nugget of Gold 1244

I believe it’s important that we use names of endearment that reflect a special feeling for the individual involved.” – Zig Ziglar

Daily Nugget of Gold 1244

What’s In a Name?

One of the greatest secrets to becoming incredibly successful is the ability to remember and use people’s names. People love it when you remember their name, even more if you remember significant details about them such as where they are from, something about their family, or some other personal information unique to them. So what if you are one of those unfortunate few who just can’t remember names? We’re here to help you with this. We can definitely offer valuable insight with this because we were so afflicted ourselves.

The most important thing we can do to get better at remembering names is to stop telling ourselves we can’t. It’s really a simple change, but the change we make when we begin telling ourselves something like, “I am getting better and better at remembering names every day” instead, we will gradually morph into a person with enhanced recollection abilities. Why? Because the command we are giving our subconscious mind is the desired result, not the old reality to which we’ve lived up to (down to, actually) in the past by telling ourselves a lie which limited our ability. Yes, what we say to ourselves is that powerful.

Next, let’s add a trick or two and begin getting better at remembering immediately. When someone tells you their name, use it back in the conversation immediately at least three times. If you are unsure how to pronounce it correctly, ask. Ask again, if need to. Rather than be annoyed, most people love the fact you are making an effort to learn to say it the right way and respect you for that and also for caring that much about them.

When learning someone’s name be sure to study their face and see if you can spot any features unique to them. Think of their name again and again as you do this. If it seems difficult to remember, as soon as you are alone, write it down a few times and tell yourself, “I will remember his or her name” as you do this. You can tear up the paper afterward, the act of writing alone helps improve the memory skills. Be sure to ask about some other details, like where they work or what subject they are studying in school. See if you can find a way to tie these together. If red haired John Smith is a carpenter, you might think, “John the red-haired wood-Smith” for example. If Mary has a marvelous smile, think of her as Marvelous Mary as you study her face.

By remembering names we demonstrate to people that we think they are important, and thus- they will think of us as important- to them!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What else can I do to make learning and remembering names easy and fun?”

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