Daily Nugget of Gold 1245

I’m not by nature a terribly intuitive person; I need to build a situation in which I will behave more intuitively, and that has really changed the life of my work – I found a way to trick myself into being intuitive.” – Chuck Close

Daily Nugget of Gold 1245

You Get the General Idea

One of the reasons that many people don’t embark on the journey of pursuing the riches which are actually their birthright is that they really don’t have a clue as to what to do. What they may not understand is that is a wonderful starting point, far better than if they thought they knew exactly what to do to begin with. Huh? Yeah, we can see that we’re going to need to elaborate a bit on this one, won’t we?

Have you ever heard the funny quote that goes like this? “Those people who think they know everything are a great annoyance to those of us who do!” All successful comedy has an element of truth in it, right? Where this one smacks into reality is that people who are closed minded because they think they know it all aren’t fun to be around, are they? So let’s now ask a very serious question, “Do you believe that people who hold the belief that they already know all the answers are open to receiving advice?” Probably not, right? What if the advice was really, really good? Would it make any difference? Not likely.

Suddenly, it really isn’t looking like such a good thing to believe we are an expert at something. Now let’s think about the kind of advice “experts” may miss out on because “they already know exactly what they are doing”. It’s the best advice one can get! What they miss out on is intuitive advice. If we consciously think we know everything we need to know to make a plan work, then we are shutting the door to intuition, and that would be a real mistake.

When Napoleon Hill set out just what to do to put our plans into action, what he is specifically asking us to do is to state our goal and our general plan on how we are to achieve it and to read this mission statement aloud as we go to bed and when we get up, and any time we can do so alone during the day. Hill did not ask us to get into specifics, but instead said that when specific plans are received, we should follow them.

We’re going to discuss next time on just what the mechanics are of how enlightenment takes place- when we ask for it to happen. Join us for that one, will you?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If I could do anything I wanted to in order to obtain riches, what would that be?”

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