Daily Nugget of Gold 1250

Quantum physics thus reveals a basic oneness of the universe.” – Erwin Schrodinger

Daily Nugget of Gold 1250

You Are the Only Thinker in Your Universe

Last time we talked about how we want to “infer no opponent” as we think upon whatever it is we desire, our dreams and our goals. Almost all the obstacles we will encounter on the way are self-created. We take a great deal of time and try to think about everything that might go wrong, but if we would instead focus on how our dreams and goals could happen, we’d eliminate nearly everything that stands in our way. Your author didn’t come up with that idea, he’s only passing on information gleaned from sources like Dr. Joseph Murphy, his mentors, and many other teachers from Biblical times up to now.

Another subject Murphy touches on in his work is that you are the only thinker in your universe. This may seem odd to you, for surely there are other people you interact with daily. What Murphy derives this from is the concept that we are of the same Spirit, but individuated voices of that Spirit. Think of a person operating 10 finger puppets. The Spirit of that person actually animates all ten of them, right? Nothing happens in which that person does not play a role. Yes, they move about separately, but they are still connected. It’s sort of like that.

Okay, that may seem rather far fetched because there isn’t a visible layer of connective tissue. Let’s use another analogy to help further our understanding. Do you have a cell phone? The likelihood is that you do, but even if you don’t- you do know you can call pretty much any other phone on the planet which is currently on and in an active cell, and talk to the person on the other end. Do you see wires connecting everyone? No, of course not. That connection is through radio waves or electro-magnetic vibrations if you will. 200 years ago if you were to propose that this was possible you might have been laughed at or locked up.

Just because we don’t understand something from a scientific viewpoint, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. Look at how many of us have had evidence of this oneness in our lives through personal experience. You yourself are the Spirit that connects with all others, and what you do for others benefits you, as well as whatever you do to harm someone also harms you. These thoughts have practical implications which we don’t have enough space to get into today.

Dwell on the concept that we are individual manifestations of a common Spirit for now. Think about if we were come to that conclusion, how different we’d live our lives. We would no more want to harm another person than we’d agree to cut off one of those ten finger puppets on our hands, would we?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Am I truly open minded enough to see myself as one part of a greater whole?”

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