Daily Nugget of Gold 1251

Serendipity. Look for something, find something else, and realize that what you’ve found is more suited to your needs than what you thought you were looking for.“ – Lawrence Block

Daily Nugget of Gold 1251

Invisible Bonds

A long time ago on the TV comedy, Home Improvement, the husband and wife were discussing the children and the wife, Jill, was saying to Tim, the husband, that she felt connected to her kids, a bond. He joked that “They’re cordless now.” That was funny. But really, we do have certain invisible bonds to those we love, don’t we? Many of us have had first-hand experiences of a person we loved who died reassuring us somehow afterward, appearing to us, or the like. Other people know somehow that something bad has happened to someone they are close to. Others know when someone is staring at them. Still others find themselves picking up the phone and calling each other at the same exact time, even if they hadn’t called each other in years!

We’re given individualized evidence of a greater force, a oneness which cannot easily be explained away and for which we cannot at this point fully explain with scientific studies. Scientists on a personal, private level have more faith in the unseen than the public at large but many of them are afraid- fearful- of being mocked by their peers or worse, suffer financially for these beliefs. Quantum physics and its wacky weirdness is helping a lot of these scientists consider coming out of the ‘intellectual’ closet, and that’s good.

Author Dr. Joseph Murphy talked about how everything we think, do, or say is recorded by our subconscious mind- written into our memory. He also explained that if we hurt someone else, the event is then recorded, an impression is made, and from that mold comes the expression of it in our world. Of course, the same is true for being a blessing to others, we cannot help but to benefit from that.

When we act, we want to conduct ourselves in such a way as if the whole world saw us. When we think, we want to think in such a way as our thoughts were on a digital display on our foreheads. What do some people do instead? They act like no one can read their inner thoughts, they scheme because they think they’ll get away with it. For every method of cheating we devise, there are a hundred ways a bigger toll can be extracted from us in some other area of true wealth. They might get money, for instance, but maybe loose their friends, family, health, freedom, or life in the process. It seems that only by being a true blessing more and more of the time will we see more and more of our dreams come true in a way that we desire them to.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What do I have to give and how can I get better and better at blessing others with my gift?”

Copyright 2014 Kevin Littleton, all rights reserved.

2014 Kevin Littleton, all rights reserved.

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