Daily Nugget of Gold 1252

Our thoughts create our reality — where we put our focus is the direction we tend to go.” – Peter McWilliams

Daily Nugget of Gold 1252

Changing Our Results for the Better

Let’s suppose we want a promotion at work. What we’d likely want to do is to dwell on the many good things we’d enjoy if that happened.. Sure, increased pay is easy to see. Maybe we’d have a bigger say in how things were run, a chance to be more creative. Perhaps we’d enjoy more authority, true? These are things on the positive side, but there’s more. Being able to serve more people both above us and below us, as well as having a greater influence in handling customers with care. You’d be in a better position to give the shareholders or owners a greater return on their investment and help their families realize their ambitions, too. Perhaps you’ll have more chances to be a positive force in the community as well. Thoroughly examine all of the potential blessings and dwell on these.

What do most people do? They dwell on some of the positives and a bunch of the negatives too. They see more work, greater responsibility, more time away from family and friends. They see themselves as maybe having to put their job on the line if things go wrong. They worry that they are going to have to kiss up to their bosses more frequently, and the fear the possibility that they may not be able to perform and be out on the street.

Depending on how the mix of thoughts is as we think about this, our outcome is tethered to those thoughts. Many folks never get a chance to have the promotion because they’ve fired themselves from the position before they even land it! Their fears come out in their body language and the powers that be sense “bad vibes” when considering whether to give them a chance. They’ll take the person who radiates that they love what they do and enjoy serving others over the ‘fraidy-cat’ any day.

Let’s look at another situation: If we are trying to get together with a potential mate and we are consumed with thoughts dwelling on our faults, that will be the main thing the other person will see. We want instead to see ourselves as being an asset to the relationship, and see love which overrides our imperfections. We don’t wish to be conceited but rather have a healthy self-respect, and love of self as much as love of the other person. We want to be in the relationship not just for what we get out of it, but for what we can put into it.

As Doctor Joseph Murphy said in The Power of Your Subconscious Mind, “infer no opponent”. Let’s not dwell on our fears for those fears become our reality when we do. Make sense?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What kind of person do I admire most, those who find fault or those who radiate positivity?”

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