Daily Nugget of Gold 1255

The love of family and the admiration of friends is much more important than wealth and privilege.” – Charles Kuralt

Daily Nugget of Gold 1255

Family and Friends

We’ve been examining the Christmas holiday from the perspective of the commercialization of it and gift giving in general, whether the gifts are for our loved ones or the less fortunate. Now lets look at it as an opportunity for people for people to touch base with the friends and family- from the standpoint of The Law of Attraction. We’ll cover worship shortly.

The idea that we get with our family, loved ones, and friends is, well, the ideal. The reality is usually something a bit different. Comedians have fun with this by bringing up dysfunctional families people can barely tolerate for a few hours, crazy aunts, and that sort of thing. Part of this comes from the fact that we can choose our friends, but our family? Not so much. We end up with whom we get, and while we might avoid each other most of the time, we sometimes feel obligated to spend time together when everyone comes together.

From the standpoint of The Law of Attraction, we want to stop focusing on people’s flaws, and we know- sometimes folks make that very difficult to do. The more we allow our emotions to turn negative over someone’s flaws, the greater the opportunity we’ll have to be annoyed by others. One way keep positive is to be active in the conversation and help direct it in such a way that minimizes negativity. If we have a grandmother who feels she must detail every illness she has and talk almost exclusively about what each doctor said, for instance, we can ask her about the things we know she likes doing that have nothing to do with this. We could instead listen lovingly and intently to her trials and tribulations for a bit and let her know that she’s loved and appreciated, too. What we don’t want to do is form some sort of judgment as to her based on all of this, but rather look for opportunities to brighten her day.

Sad to say, we really want to keep our visits with overly negative people short, just as we want to limit our exposure to negative music or news which focuses mostly on fires and car crashes. We know this might not be easy, for one cousin might be super-positive, upbeat, and happy, and yet have another morbid and depressing. The trick is to be very forgiving of faults, which means not complaining about them later, in addition to not creating a scene in their presence. Not an easy task, we know. Fortunately, most of us need more practice in the whole tolerance, forgiveness, and the “looking for the good in other people” departments. This is a good time to improve our skills there. What about the fun people in our families? Be grateful and enjoy!

We’ve got one more thing to cover, and that’s worship, we’ve saved the best for last. See you next time!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If I am not perfect, should I expect others to be?”

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