Daily Nugget of Gold 1256

Praise the bridge that carried you over.” – George Colman

Daily Nugget of Gold 1256

The Positive Aspects of Worship

We’re not here to offend any atheists who might be reading this, in fact- this discussion isn’t even about religion. Yet, we are talking about religious people who make it a habit to worship. Whether this worship occurs daily or just on certain holidays, when we worship we are more powerfully aligning ourselves with the positive energy needed to elicit a reaction from The Law of Attraction which would be favorable to us.

Obviously, anything that we can do which will help us in regard to this powerful law, we should probably want to do more often. The degree and scope of the positive force in our lives depends on a couple of things. One of those is how often we engage in activities that evoke a response from this law which brings about the desired results. If we were to worship only on religious holidays as many people do, it should be plain to see that our positive response will be minimal. Some people worship weekly and others actually make worship a daily part of their routine. These people have a better chance of seeing The Law of Attraction deliver in ways which will be pleasing.

Wait a minute! “You said this wasn’t about religion!” Ah, yes, we did. What we are doing is expanding on one common way we have to show gratitude. It’s gratitude which sets the law working on our behalf. There’s a catch to all of this, however. Did you ever notice that some people who worship on a regular basis seem to still be living in misery and woe? We’ll explain how that happens in a way that the meaning of all of this won’t be lost on people.

Let’s suppose you took a shower. You’ve cleansed yourself of whatever dirt you may have had on your body, pretty much, right? You step out of the shower, get dried off and dressed and go outside and begin picking up dirt and fling it around. How long would you remain clean if you did this? Worship, the activity where you are focusing your attention on gratitude, is like the shower. Complaining about things, criticizing people, making fun of others, these things and more are like dirt. You can worship daily and still- for most of the day- be doing things that counteract the positive benefits you’d otherwise accrue by worshiping. One thing about worshiping more often, we are indeed less likely to be doing the things that harm us in regard to the response we get from The Law of Attraction, simply because of this: We are focusing our mind on the positive at that time.

There, see? We really didn’t make this a religious discussion at all. What can the atheists among us do? Focus their attention on gratitude more and more throughout the day. It’s all good.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do daily to help keep myself in a positive vibration?”

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