Daily Nugget of Gold 1264

There are moments of existence when time and space are more profound, and the awareness of existence is immensely heightened.” – Charles Baudelaire

Daily Nugget of Gold 1064

Jump to a Better Reality

One of things we love about our choice of being of service to people in helping them better understand The Law of Attraction and obtain success however they may define it is that we get to practice on ourselves the very things we teach. The opportunity to apply our teachings in how we live comes up more often than you might suspect. Maybe it’s to keep us from getting a swelled head or whatever- but we’re far from perfect and this nugget is being written for our readers because of a realization that we had in that we weren’t effectively managing our own reality ourselves.

The Gratitude List

We were helping to coach another person at a time when things, well, just weren’t going well for ourselves at the very same time. We were sharing the advice based on Zig Ziglar’s Attitude available on YouTube, when it occurred to us that one of ways we could address a series of difficulties we were experiencing would be to slightly modify his advice. Zig used his method to address problems that we might be having with our job, our spouse, our kids- or in other words- targeting this technique at a specific problem. The procedure is simple, write up a list of things that you like about the person, for example, and read the list aloud morning and night with enthusiasm. “I love my husband because he works very hard, I love my husband because he’s a great father to our kids” and so on. Watch the video to see how this works, it’s fun because Zig used lots of humor to help make the point.

Our adaption is this: Write a list of all the things you feel grateful for. Make it a long list. Are you grateful to have enough food to eat? Are you grateful that you live in a house or apartment instead of on the streets? Are you grateful for the arms, legs, hands, feet, eyes? Are you grateful for your family? Are you grateful that you can go to the grocery store and buy practically anything you like sometimes? Are you happy you have a job or have some sort of money coming in? This can be a very long list, indeed. It’s easy to see what we are grateful for when we think of being without whatever it is.

Now, we’re going to get busy writing our own unique list. We plan on focusing our attention on this list day and night, reading it to ourselves aloud in the mirror, as Zig suggested. We’re excited right now because we fully realize that the slump we’ve had is OVER. Won’t you join us in doing this?

Watch the video, it’s a hoot!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do right now to change my own attitude so that life responds in kind?”

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