Daily Nugget of Gold 1265

The way we communicate with others and with ourselves ultimately determines the quality of our lives” – Anthony Robbins

Daily Nugget of Gold 1265

Mindful Communication

The mindfulness approach to doing things can deliver many blessings, both in our enjoyment of life in the moment and in enhanced positive returns via The Law of Attraction. We’ve written recently about things like enhancing our enjoyment and appreciation of eating using the mindfulness approach, so we’re going to venture a bit more into how to get more out of life by becoming more aware of just what we are doing in another important way- communication.

Experts tell us that most of communication is non-verbal and we believe that to be true. We do use language to communicate, but we also add emphasis and clarity to those words in a number of ways. The non-verbal things we do while we are talking can actually completely invalidate what we say with our words, or they might underscore what we are trying to express in such a way as to make our points deep and profound.

We’re going to look at several different forms of non-verbal communication here and then we’ll discuss how using a mindfulness approach can help us get better and better at expressing ourselves. Think about how that could change our lives- if we desire to get what we want in life, being able to ask for it effectively will likely have a huge impact in our success in this. If we wish to make a difference in someone’s life, what better approach could we have than by becoming great at communicating what we think and feel in a way that the person understands fully what it is that we are trying to say? If we want to get ahead in our job, or if we want more sales, of we want our kids to listen- wouldn’t it make sense to hone up on these skills?

So what are the ways we communicate in addition to or instead of using words? . Say “I ‘m feeling a little hungry right now” over and over again, each time emphasizing a different word, or raising or lowering the tone of part of the phrase, or try using some dramatic pauses in the sentence in different places. If you give this enough attention you should easily be able to say this simple phrase well over 50 different ways. Each word is an island unto itself for inflection, each syllable an opportunity to impress upon it additional information.

We’ve got so much more to say on this subject, but we have run out of our self-imposed limits of cyberspace for today’s topic. See ya soon!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to get better at saying what I mean?

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