Daily Nugget of Gold 1266

Who speaks, sows; Who listens, reaps.” – Argentine Proverb

Daily Nugget of Gold 1266

The Spoken Word

As our last session unfolded, we were discussing the mindful approach to speaking so that we gain more control over the thoughts we are conveying as we speak. We noted that most of communication is non-verbal, and that by varying the way we say something when we speak, we can dramatically alter the meaning of what is being said.

We’ve got to give a lot of credit to actors. They’re given a script and a bit of direction, but thereafter the vast array of what they are capable of conveying is truly amazing. A director will coach an actor to deliver their lines in certain ways, but the brilliance of accomplished actors is being able to go far beyond what they are given in that regard so that the feeling flows to the audience in what they say and do.

We’ve asked our readers to try to say a simple phrase in multiple ways, varying the tone, taking dramatic pauses, and the like. We believe that anything we practice over and over again, we get better at. By putting our awareness on the delivery of the words, we also are becoming more mindful in what we say. Normally, when we speak, we say the words and our subconscious mind automatically handles all the details of how those words are communicated. When we begin to experiment like this, we take active control of a greater portion of what we say.

Are you up for another exercise? Use our phrase from last time (“I’m feeling a little hungry right now”) or make one up of your own and this time employ different body language each time you say it. Take note of your posture, become aware of whether you are conveying restlessness, happiness, boredom or any one of a hundred other emotions with your stance, actions, and movements.

If we wish to succeed in life, we want to get great at communicating effectively, and if most of communication is indeed non-verbal, then doesn’t it make sense that’ this is where we really ought to put most of our practice? Think about that for a bit.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to best get my message heard the way I mean to say it?”

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