Daily Nugget of Gold 1268

It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.” – W. Edwards Deming

Daily Nugget of Gold 1268

Mindfulness and Change

We’ve been giving a bit of attention to the mindfulness movement, and we’ve discussed some of the benefits involved in doing things less with the automatic (subconscious) sphere of the brain’s function, and more with the intentional or willful part, the conscious mind. We’ve been talking about this as if most people were unfamiliar with the difference between doing something that they’ve done before without thinking about it and putting all of their attention onto that task. The truth is, however, that we are all familiar with how this feels- and most of us dislike it!

Huh? Yup, most of us would rather avoid doing something with our conscious mind’s full attention. Would you like proof of that statement? How do you feel about change? Do you truly enjoy it when your company decides to purchase a new computer program? Is it fun for you to learn a new, fairly complicated task? How much did you enjoy the experience of driving a car for the first time, or riding a bike? Anything we do for the first time is something that our conscious mind must handle because there is no subconscious script for how to do it.

Once we’ve learned to do something well, then we have no problem in handling another task such as carrying on a conversation or thinking about other things while we do it. Subconscious habit is the opposite of a mindful approach to things, isn’t it?

So why on earth would we wish to thrust ourselves into the realm of the uncomfortable? We really want to face this fact for all it’s worth- if we aren’t completely satisfied with the way things are right now, we will have to change, won’t we? It isn’t possible to stay the same and avoid change long term, either. Why? Because things around you are bound to change anyhow, even if you vow not to, and when that happens change can be so demanding on you that you must.

Yes, it’s out of our comfort zone to do things from a mindful approach, which is likely the only reason most folks dislike change so much. Let’s be real about this, though, doesn’t it make sense that if you are already used to doing things with your conscious mind- your mindful self- that you will be far more comfortable adapting to change because you’ve intentionally practiced doing things this way?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do each day to better prepare myself for change?”

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