Daily Nugget of Gold 1270

The mere fact that you have obstacles to overcome is in your favor.” – Robert Collier

Daily Nugget of Gold 1270

The Joy in Problems

It seems as if it matters not whether you’re rich or poor, happy or sad, young or old, male or female- you’re going to have some problems in life. Those who think that money solves all their problems in life are quite simply mistaken. Yes, money will allow you to arrive at your problems in a higher degree of comfort, but it does not have the ability to eliminate them entirely. In fact, it can be argued that an entirely different set of problems arise from having money…but while we are sure you can think of some right now, let’s not dwell on them.

It occurs to us that there really are two different approaches to a problem when we have one, we can look at it and curse the fact that we face a problem, or we can be grateful for the opportunity to find new and creative ways of solving it- or if the problem seems insurmountable, perhaps we can find a way of adapting to it so that it does not control us. Beyond that, we can look more deeply into it and see if we can find hidden blessings in it.

One technical university requires students to come up with a functional machine, they need to invent the machine derived from common materials like coat hangers, cups, wire, and drinking straws from a “box of junk” assigned to each student. The machine not only has to accomplish a given task, but also might have to fend off other students’ devices doing so. The idea here is for students to employ engineering principles with creative imagination to solve a particular problem within a given framework. What actually sounds like a very difficult assignment is relished by most students as a fun and interesting challenge.

At this point we would like to submit something for your approval. Without problems, we would have little or no need to put our creativity to the test. Instead of moaning about a particular problem, why don’t we just accept the “box of junk” we are given- the circumstances and our resources, talent, and creativity- and get about the business of having fun figuring out what to do with it all. It seems to us this may be a better approach than wallowing in the difficulty- whatever it might be.

Don’t you just love the sense of accomplishment you feel when you overcome a difficult challenge? If so, you are in luck- life seems to have an endless supply of them for our amusement and with which we can enrich ourselves in the process. Isn’t that wonderful?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to insure that my challenges add meaning and value to my life?”

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