Daily Nugget of Gold 1271

I believe that every person has uniqueness – something that nobody else has.” – Michael Schenker


Daily Nugget of Gold 1271

It’s Not the Same

Have you ever heard anyone say about someone, “they live in a different world”, or they are “living in their own little world”? While we are not about to encourage people to make disparaging remarks about others, the reality of this observation is that it’s probably true. Before anyone starts high fiving anyone for feeling validated, let’s point out that it’s not only true of them, but true of all of us. Before we go on about this, let’s examine reality a little more closely.

We all know that time is a constant, applying to all of us in an equal and unchanging way. One person’s 9AM is the same as their boss’s 9AM and the same as their family’s 9AM. We know this for certain, yet the perception of time we also know is highly individualistic and varied. Further, Einstein theorized and science later verified that time has some flexibility to it.

We also know that 100 miles of distance in a straight line is the same as for you as it is for anyone else. We know that we can drive 100 miles on a perfectly straight highway and that distance is exactly the same as it is for anyone else doing so. Most of us will not have taken into account the curvature of the planet in their thinking- nor will we account for the fact that science has pointed out that space itself is curved. We don’t perceive it to be so, since that’s the case, we don’t see it that way.

Most of us would acknowledge that we have a right to having differing political opinions but many of us have concluded that the person with a different political affiliation than ours is just wrong- or stupid.

While we may seek comfort in our opinion about something by associating with like minded people, we really would have difficulty denying that not everyone sees everything the way we do, no matter how much our friends agree with us. Besides, talk to someone long enough and you will likely discover a huge gulf between their opinion of how their world is and your opinion of your world.

What are we driving at here? Each of us is living in a uniquely different reality and respect for the fact that we aren’t supposed to be in total alignment with each other on every little thing is a better way of living than insisting everyone see it our way on everything. Do you agree? (He he, we had to ask!)

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

“What can I do to expand my understanding of others?”

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