Daily Nugget of Gold 1280

Lying to ourselves is more deeply ingrained than lying to others.” – Fyodor Mikhailovich Dostoyevsky

Daily Nugget of Gold 1280

The Ripple Effect

Stand by the edge of a pond on a really calm and peaceful day. After taking in the wonders of the natural scene, pick up a small pebble and toss it in. Now, see in your mind’s eye the ripples from that tiny pebble, expanding ever so gently until the touch the entire shoreline. Neat, huh? It’s unreal how that tiny bit of energy touched everything there, isn’t it?

The pebble in the calm pond is a great metaphor for life. If we do good, there’s no telling how far that good may go or whom it might touch. The same is true if we are bent on doing evil. Fortunately, few of us are bent on doing evil all of our lives. We have a special place in society for those who are and it involves bars and guards.

While most of us don’t intend to do evil so much as to maybe tilt the scales in our favor a little bit, it almost seems as if no harm’s done. If we can get away with being a little dishonest here and there, “what’s the big deal?” – some folks think. We’d like to ask you to ask yourself something in the privacy of your own mind- are you honest? Are you totally and completely honest?

If the ATM were to give you an extra $20, would you give it back? If someone collided with your car and immediately took the blame for it, but you know that something you did at least contributed to it, would you speak up? If you found a winning “win for life” lottery ticket, would you attempt to contact the original owner if there was some sort of thing that they scribbled on the back of it that could verify their account of having purchased it? (That one isn’t as far fetched as you might think, it actually happened to a guy in New York City!)

The truth probably is closer to the fact that none of us are completely good at all times, and few of us are intrinsically evil, either. Sure, many of us tend to be far more of one extreme or the other, and there are a great many people who allow the particular situation at hand determine their ethics. Sad to say, a lot of folks don’t mind feathering their own nest with something obtained from someone else, probably even more so if that someone else is a corporation.

We wanted to open this discussion for a little thought and a lot of self-examination and we’ll continue discussing this and the consequences and hidden consequences of our decisions next time.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to pay more attention to my own intent?”

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