Daily Nugget of Gold 1281

Confront the dark parts of yourself, and work to banish them with illumination and forgiveness. Your willingness to wrestle with your demons will cause your angels to sing.” – August Wilson

Daily Nugget of Gold 1281

Silent Witness

Our journey yesterday took us to the question of whether or not we are completely honest or if we sometimes will do some less than honest things if we see ourselves as benefiting from it. This is not a discussion that is designed to be held out loud with other people, but one we would appreciate if it was a bit of soul searching instead. A lot of folks don’t do a lot of soul searching, can you guess why? Yup- they may find something lurking there they don’t want to acknowledge or even uncover.

Some atheists have long argued that God was invented as a way of giving us a reason to be moral and ethical, and some of them have even patted themselves on the back for being what they consider to be moral and ethical in the absence of a God. We’re not going to take either side of that argument, but instead talk about an issue which is as relevant to the atheist as it is to the devout.

So what is this important fact we speak of? Whether we are religiously inclined or not, we were all born with a silent witness to all we do, our subconscious mind. If we think our conscious mind is awesome- our ability to reason, to make judgments, our incredible ability to interact and adapt to a changing world- our subconscious mind is vastly different and amazingly superior in its own functions.

One of the powers this deeper mind has is the ability to remember every nuance of everything we say or do. Haven’t you had a time when suddenly you remembered a day in your childhood you had thought you had forgotten about long ago- but it only came to mind because of something someone said or did that reminded you of it? It’s as if someone had installed video cameras everywhere you went and recorded it all. (Doesn’t this sound an awful lot like what people believe God does?)

One of the things our subconscious mind does, one of the many things is it informs our conscious mind on some level of, is how honest we are based on our recorded history. We want to keep in mind is that while we can choose to attempt to ignore this witness, the information remains and forms our deep cast opinion of ourselves. If you’ve done some honest soul searching, you’ve probably reached the same conclusion we have- we lack a great deal in the ethical and moral departments. There is something we can do about this, and we’ll get into that next time why it would benefit us to do so.

Until then, try and think of a memory long ago you may have forgotten until now. Did you have a childhood friend? Think of something you used to do together for fun, maybe it was sleigh riding, or playing a game together. Think back, think of something specific that happened long ago.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to change my honest opinion of myself if I need to?”

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