Daily Nugget of Gold 1284

For it is in giving that we receive.” – St. Francis of Assisi

Daily Nugget of Gold 1284

The Important Point

Our last session discussed the attitude of giving more when we do what we do for a living. We talked about how focusing on finding ways to give more insured we’d either win the appreciation of our boss or gain us more customers if we were in business. Napoleon Hill described this as “going the extra mile” and also noted that doing so really helps to raise one’s head above the crowd, for as he also observed, “most people don’t even go the first mile” when serving customers.

In this discussion today, we’re going to focus on another important point, in fact- it’s THE most important reason we want to practice giving more as our modus operandi. Have you guessed where we were going with this? We’re talking about the actions that The Law of Attraction has on what we are. What we are is demonstrated, in large part, by the actions we take and the attitudes we adopt when we take them. The law gives us more of whatever that is, doesn’t it?

So…if we were trying to cheat the boss by doing as little as possible, if we were hiding in the bathroom instead of doing the job we’re paid to do- then the law kicks in and finds ways to cut back on us, too. One of the reasons people do that is that they believe they are underpaid. Believe that and you’ll always be underpaid. Why? Because the law gives you more of what you are.

Conversely, believe you have much to give and give it and the law has no choice but to give to you because the feeling you have welling up within you is an attitude of wealth. Wealth flows to you when you believe yourself to have an abundant life. The bottom line in this is we need not worry about giving of what we have, giving our all to the customer or the boss. What if we work for a company that doesn’t reward such efforts? They will sever their own ties with you as others notice your willingness to serve and snatch you from them.

When you go all out for your customers, they will take their friends by the hand to come and be your customers as well. Henry Ford had one of the best quotes we’ve ever seen on this, and it’s this: “A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.”- Henry Ford We want to point out that to some people, Ford’s words make no sense whatsoever. This is the beauty of it, the world richly rewards the few who give it their all.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to become better at doing all I can do for people?”

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