Daily Nugget of Gold 1287

There is little success where there is little laughter.” – Andrew Carnegie

Daily Nugget of Gold 1287

Wellness on Steroids

Okay, that title’s just absurd, isn’t it? We hope you got a chuckle out of it, we did. It does bring an image of a football player, baseball player, or weight lifter that became big, beefy, and super strong through the use of (illegal) drugs, and remember those drugs have some rather unpleasant side effects, don’t they? Some people obviously decide that the side effects are worth it, and they may also believe that the chance of ending one’s career abruptly is worth the risk. Still, “on steroids” persists as a comical way of saying “to the max” and that’s what we meant by it.

Have you guessed the thing we left out, the advantage we can give ourselves which trumps them all? You probably did. We have a saying for it, “laughter is the best medicine”. We hear it again and again so we often take it for granted. Why is laughter such a powerful force to be reckoned with in wellness? Think about what we said last time, that happiness is really the most important thing we need to be well. We said that sick people are often sad and unhappy. Laughter is the most powerful tool we have in becoming well, far more powerful than anything else. Why? Because it’s impossible to be unhappy at the same time we’re laughing.

So, does that mean that comedians make better physicians than doctors do? That brings to mind a bit that George Carlin did, in fact- we believe he had a record named for it, Occupation: Foole. So does this mean we think you should place your health into the hands of fools? Well, yes… sort of. Look, we need doctors, they do spend their lives trying to help people with medical conditions and they’ve made remarkable progress since the days when they would apply leaches and all. Really. Let the doctor look after the disease, but you? You focus on becoming well.

If we spend time laughing when we are feeling sick, we will indeed feel better. Laughter is pure joy, the nectar of happiness. It is distilled euphoria. We don’t squeeze lemon juice onto something to make it sweeter, nor should we apply sadness to illness. It doesn’t make sense, if we wish to become well, does it?

The beauty of this age is that “fools” are so easily found. We can be entertained by hundreds of them, and find material that suits our tastes and sensibilities. Don’t have the internet? Joke books abound as well. Look, it’s really cheap medicine, often laughter can be found by just developing our sense of humor a bit, learning to find humor in common everyday things. It sure beats anger!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to laugh more today?”

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