Daily Nugget of Gold 1304

What we focus on, we empower and enlarge. Good multiplies when focused upon. Negativity multiplies when focused upon. The choice is ours: Which do we want more of?” – Julia Cameron

Daily Nugget of Gold 1304

Infinite Goes Both Ways

We think at this point it’s probably safe to wrap things up. We’ve discussed a lot of things of infinite nature, and while it’s our choice not to focus on the negative so much, it probably would be wise to cover that, too. Many people are so invested in negative things that it seems curious to us, does that really pay off? There are many things in life which can be infinite and not be any form of a positive situation or outcome. We want to say that although many people consider failure to be one such thing, it really isn’t failure unless you quit. We’re not talking about that, really, but rather the negative mindset that comes to expect bad things.

The beliefs that some people hold that harm them can also do unlimited harm to themselves and even people around them, if those people allow it to happen. Beliefs like you have to have money to make money, that you’ll get cancer because someone in your family did, that all corporations are evil, and so on can do immeasurable harm because they are the framework some people accept as real. We can call these “limiting beliefs” and we often do- but that term doesn’t do it justice.

As some people put their passion into negative things like ill health, wrecked financial lives, ruined relationships and more, these problems can reach depths which are unimaginable to many of us. The bad news is that no matter how bad things are, if we put all our energy into how bad it is, it can get worse. Every time we complain to our friends about our marriage, for instance, we’re undermining it further. The gossip goes around that either we or our spouse- or both- are rotten people with disgustingly bad habits or vices and what should be our support system turns into a wrecking ball. Worse, each and every time we complain or even dwell on it, we are reliving it in our mind- and the mind doesn’t know the difference between an experience or a memory.

So, yeah, there really is no limit to how bad things can become. Well, except in one way, at one point and in one way or another, these “cursed” people die. Still, while many people will wisely note after someone like that passes not to be like that, others continue to be negatively influenced- so the negativity lives on. What a legacy that is! Do you want that to be yours, or are you hoping for something better?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Do I really want to spend my life wallowing in unlimited misery and woe?”

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