Daily Nugget of Gold 1310

Kind words do not cost much. Yet they accomplish much.” – Blaise Pascal

Daily Nugget of Gold 1310

Audio Illusions

We’ve probably already piqued your curiosity as to where we were going with the relationship between things like optical illusions and The Law of Attraction and success, but we’ve got a little more groundwork to do before we get there. Our sense of sight is only one way we interpret the world around us, and just as optical senses can easily be fooled- our other senses can., too.

You’ve gone to the movies, haven’t you? If you have, your hearing has been fooled in a number of ways. (It also comes to mind that our sense of sight is, too, for “movies” aren’t moving at all, they are a series of still photographs that only appear to move as we view them rapidly.) First, our ears are fooled into believing that we are actually hearing the characters talk and the like, but these are only reproductive representations which have been encoded along with the pictures we see.

Those sounds we hear in the movie are most often not real to begin with, anyhow. It’s a challenge in making a movie to capture people’s voices, and often the actors have to redo the parts in the studio to make up for unwanted background noise or other interference. As for the sounds like someone walking, or the sounds from fabric as a couple embrace, these things are added in later by a specialist known as a foley artist. This person or team of people create noises we then assume come from what is happening before our eyes. Sometimes they use the actual items in the picture to make these noises, but very often they use something else entirely different to create the effect. Why don’t we know the difference? Well, they are artists after all! There’s another reason we can’t tell, however.

We succumb to ‘audio illusions” so easily for the same reason we are fooled by optical illusions. The ears transmit data to the brain but the brain interprets what that data means. If you watch a film, you’d swear that the sound you here is the truth and there’s no way you could be fooled, but you are, and on a regular basis. Your brain takes that raw data and couples it with your memory of similar input and interpretations and can even consider what it is you desire to see and hear in the equation. It does this effortlessly for the most part, so once again, we forget that we aren’t experiencing a true reality.

Gee, since we’ve spent so much time talking about illusions, you might have made the assumption that there’s a pretty big payoff to be had in regards to The Law of Attraction. There is. Soon.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to better understand the world I live in and respond successfully?”

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