Daily Nugget of Gold 1311

There are no facts, only interpretations.” – Friedrich Nietzsche

Daily Nugget of Gold 1311

The Truth as We See It

So in modern science what we mean by the unconscious are processes that go on in your brain that are automatic, they don’t take any effort, they are beyond your awareness so you don’t know they’re happening, and they’re mostly beyond your control; and because of this we don’t really understand what is influencing our thoughts, our perceptions, our feelings, our judgments and so that has a huge effect on our behavior.” – Leonard Mlodinow, PhD, Physicist, author, and screenwriter

As you might have guessed, we’re about ready to sum up this mini-series of discussions about how our senses are so easily fooled. We should point out that although our sight and our hearing are the only two places we touched on, we could go into detail about how our other senses are just as easily manipulated into believing something is real when it’s not. Perception isn’t only dependent upon our own particular point of view, therefore, but on a whole host of variables concerning the context, our memory, beliefs, desires, goals, reasoning ability, and the like- all of which are mixed together with what the data we receive from our sensory organs in order to make sense of it all.

One way of looking at this is as a sailboat in the sea. The winds represent the reality that is, and our the angle we set our sails determines which direction our ship will travel. We should also be keenly aware of how radically different one person’s perception can be from another and why, for this will allow us to develop a deeper understanding as far as the divergent points of view that emerge between us and them.

The main reason we brought this subject up was that we want to give ourselves the best possible chances for success and we do that by not dismissing potential opportunities merely because we don’t immediately see them. If we’re looking at an problem and don’t see any kind of opportunity in it, then it’s likely these unconscious interpretations are leading us astray. We’ve all had a great deal of negative conditioning and it colors our thoughts creating pitfalls which don’t necessarily exist.

Okay, we’ve covered the impact this all can make on our success, but let’s take it to a deeper level next time and examine the role of The Law of Attraction in all of this. See you then!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to fully appreciate the possibilities of success in all that I do?”

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