Daily Nugget of Gold 1320

The best fighter is never angry.” – Lao Tzu

Daily Nugget of Gold 1320

I Choose

I choose”. These are two of the most powerful words we can employ in order to change our inner world and thus have the best chance of creating a better reality for ourselves. What assumption do we make when we employ the words “I choose”? We assume that the choice is indeed ours, that we have free will and we are exercising that free will to set our own state of mind, our own feelings, to create our own reactions. We have seized full control over everything we have control over- and that’s how we feel and think about what we see before us. Full control! For those of us that think that our lives are often spinning out of control, this is a real blessing. This is hope. This is a better approach to our difficulties.

We want to give a word of caution on this business of choosing. It’s entirely possible to make the wrong choice. Obviously, saying “I choose to be ticked off by this person” or “I choose to vent” isn’t much better than saying “that person ticks me off” or “I have to vent”. The only thing you’ve done by doing that is taken responsibility for making the wrong choice. Yes, that’s better than saying someone “forced you” to feel that way, but the goal here is maintain a positive state of mind and to accomplish this through the exercise of your own free will.

Another word of caution here is to remember that The Law of Attraction doesn’t respond to words of negation. Saying, “I choose not to get angry” or ,“I’m not going to let this bother me” each contain the negative condition and thus the condition still evokes a response from the law since it is still present in our thoughts and feelings. This may seem to be really difficult to deal with, but that’s only because we have grown so accustomed to allowing other people and circumstances to alter our inner state of being, we stop realizing we have a choice.

Keep in mind as you take your first steps here, they are likely to feel awkward and uncomfortable at first. That’s okay, it will feel more natural later, just as riding a bike might have felt strange at first and even a little scary. Chances are, now you know how to ride one and it’s easy.

So what should we choose? Oh, that’s a great question. See if you can come up with some positively phrased choices which empower you on your own. We’ll saving our suggestions for the next issue- only because we’ve run out of room in this one.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What positive emotions can I choose to feel instead of anger or frustration?”

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