Daily Nugget of Gold 1324

Mental effort, I would argue, is relatively rare. Most of the time we coast.” – Daniel Kahneman

Daily Nugget of Gold 1324

Why Bother with Thought Habits?

Make no mistake about it, this issue is about the payoff we could gain by purposefully changing our habitual thinking. There are many reasons for us to set out on this course of action and we want to give voice to some of them as a form of encouragement, or dare we say it? Motivation. Human beings are motivated to do many things, some of those things are good, others? Not so much. So why bother building new thought habits? Let’s begin.

Here’s a biggie: Thought is everything we are. Everything. Oh, we all receive input from our senses, that’s true. What we think about the things we sense is another matter entirely. It not unusual that one person sensing the exact some thing that someone else is sensing processes it differently. This happens all the time. When we walk out in our shorts in early spring, you should see the puzzled looks folks who are bundled up in their coats give us! When we take a bite of something new that someone else encouraged us to try only to spit it out in disgust, we realize that not everyone is the same. What makes us different is what we think about what we sense.

Now, if there’s a way of thinking in which we can be happier, better adjusted, wealthier, more loving, and have more fun- wouldn’t we want to adopt it? Who would rather be miserable, sad, angry, frustrated, and depressed? Yet…and yet… that’s the “choice” many people make. We said choice, and we really do mean choice. We can choose to build the habits of thought which support a more wonderful, fuller, and richer life or we can choose not to. In our opinion, folks who say “I can’t help it, I’m just the way I am.” really have given up on trying to improve. This seems as silly as refusing to learn how to use your new phone or your new computer. Thinking you can’t do it will end up meaning you won’t.

If there is a way to better see the opportunities life has to offer, why wouldn’t you wish to develop that skill? We called it a skill because like all habits, learned behavior will become automatic in very little time and things that empower us are skills. Don’t you want your life to improve on virtually every level? It all starts with how you think. Probably the best news in all of this is the reaction you will invoke from The Law of Attraction through improved thought habits. The law responds to what you are. It gives you more of whatever is contained in your heart, your soul. Our self-improvement must be represented in the reflection from our inner world shown in our outer reality. It’s not a matter of coincidence, chance, or luck. It’s a matter of natural law.

Next time, let’s look at how, now that we covered why. See you then!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do daily to improve the quality of my thoughts?”

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