Daily Nugget of Gold 1325

Our words reveal our thoughts; Our manners mirror our self esteem; Our actions reflect our character; Our habits predict the future.” – Ritu Ghatourey

Daily Nugget of Gold 1325

Gaining Control of Mind

It’s so true that we have a lot of thoughts, isn’t it? We once heard someone complain that the reason they can’t stay focused on anything is that they have no control over the deluge of thoughts that come whizzing into their head- all day long. That’s actually true of most of us, agree? We might be trying to do something and then the next thing we know we’re thinking of something else and our attention isn’t on what it is we are trying to do anymore. It’s particularly embarrassing when we are holding a conversation only to be asked a question and have to respond sheepishly, “What? I’m sorry, I zoned out for a bit.”

Remember how we talked about how habits can build, one upon another, and that as we have one behavior and transform it from a conscious effort to an automatic ritual, we can then do the same for others. This isn’t so much a quick way of getting to the ability to control our thinking and our thoughts so as to improve the quality of them, but it is indeed an effective way to get there proportional to the effort we’re willing to make.

Before we give you a brief primer on the subject, we do highly recommend doing the correspondence course contained in the book, The Master Key System by Charles F. Haanel. We want to let our readers know that this book isn’t the easiest thing to digest, but it is the most thorough course we are aware of in developing one’s mind. Each lesson has an exercise at the end of it making it a wonderful training manual for this purpose.

Our first step that we think would be helpful is to work on controlling our thoughts, by slowing them down and eventually stopping them. This sounds difficult and we can assure you that in the beginning, it is. Once we practice this we can move on to other things, but it helps to know that we are, indeed, actually in control, but we need to exert that control in order to have the ability to wield it at will. Meditative techniques such as focusing on a mantra, starring at a candle flame, or the like can help us in the beginning with this. Don’t be discouraged if you aren’t able to do this more than a few seconds at a time at first- that’s normal.

Our next issue will address building upon this foundation, but for now- just work at this. You CAN do this!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What are the benefits I believe I will accrue by gaining control over my thoughts?”

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