Daily Nugget of Gold 1332

I thought when I started meditation that I was going to get real calm and peaceful and it’s going to be over. It’s not that way; it’s so energetic. That’s where all the energy and creativity is.” – David Lynch

Daily Nugget of Gold 1332

A Special Room

We THINK that today’s the day we wrap up the recent discussion on problem solving, the subconscious mind, and meditation. We’ll see. These sessions aren’t exactly rigidly planned, for we honestly believe that many of the thoughts we pass on to you are given to us as we go. It’s neat to type out a page and to go to proof-read it (Yeah, we do- we are fully aware that much gets past that, ha ha!) only to realize that the thoughts contained had to be given to us on the fly because we really aren’t that familiar with how we said something on the second reading. “Flow” is nifty for that reason…but we digress…

One reason meditation is such a good tool is that before we meditate, we can take a problem we’re facing and ask for a solution before we begin, letting the problem go in the process. We may not get an answer immediately, but handing over a problem as we begin meditating is a wonderful way to convey it to our deeper mind- and indeed, to all intelligence that ever was or will be.

Today we’re going to discuss a place we can go to get answers quickly, but we really want to do this after we’re well established into the habit of meditation regularly. Actually, this would work even without that, but it’s something like building a muscle, the more we do it, the stronger we get. Imagine, if you will, that in your home or office, you had a special room in which a very old wise person sat. If ever you got stumped, you could go to him or her and they’d know the answer. Wouldn’t they be a great resource to have? Well, it turns out, you have such a resource available to you.

One of the biggest misconceptions about meditation is that it can only be done while sitting down and putting yourself into a trance, as it were. This isn’t entirely true. A person who becomes adept at quieting the mind can do so by drawing in a breath, holding it, and for that moment- cease thinking. Meditation isn’t sitting in a certain position and being physically quiet- it IS the silencing of our thoughts. That can actually be done effectively in tiny moments, too.

So, if we become great at quieting the mind at will, we can put ourselves into a mini-meditative state at any time. Once again, taking a problem and becoming intent on knowing what the solution might be, letting it go and then meditating may very well produce the answer we need. You don’t really need 20 minutes for that, not if you believe it’s possible to do it much faster. Your belief that it’s possible is key here, for it can only be delivered to the extent that you believe it can.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do regularly to improve my skills of quieting my mind?”

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