Daily Nugget of Gold 1333

Opposition brings concord. Out of discord comes the fairest harmony.” – Heraclitus

Daily Nugget of Gold 1333

Inharmonious Bliss

How’s THAT for a title? What the heck could we be talking about today? Well, it has to do with a subject we’ve talked about before, but a new wrinkle of it, as it were. Actually, more of a newly discovered wrinkle. This topic should give comfort to those who believe that families who love to argue with each other are more blessed than those who agree on most things. It turns out that the more discord there is, the more closely related two can be. Are we talking about human relationships? Nope. We just said the topic would give comfort to those folks in those kinds of relationships, not that it was about them. Curious?

Okay, okay, we’re talking about quantum physics again, but we’ll keep it simple. Entanglement, that is the strong bond that two particles share, is what gave Einstein indigestion. He just couldn’t imagine how it could be possible that information might be able to travel faster than the speed of light, the ultimate “speed limit” in his view. (and you thought YOUR relatives drove fast!) It turns out that information can move faster than the speed of light, if the two parties are “entangled” or share some properties at their creation and are then separated. The problem is, entangled particles are delicate, they don’t easily survive in “the real world” because of interference. Making a “quantum computer” with entangled particles was looking to be an almost impossible task, for instance.

So what’s more common and more robust than entanglement in the quantum world? Discord. It seems like the entire human race, many families, and even our cats have discord down to a science. As it turns out, discord is far more easily achieved and maintained in the realm of the really, really tiny as well, and the more discord there is between two tiny particles, the greater the “quantum effects” can be.

Entanglement opened the door for us to begin to understand some of the strange things we’ve just about all noticed about our world, things we’ve called “paranormal” for quite some time and continue to label as such. With entanglement, there seemed to be proof positive that our thoughts could be impacting what we see in our reality. That’s a biggie, but remember- entanglement is delicate, but discord? Not so much. Discord is easy to maintain.

We’ll need at least one more session to talk about how this relates to success and The Law of Attraction, so please join us for that, next time. Hey, and don’t forget, if you don’t get along with your brother or your sister, maybe that’s not so bad!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

Even if I argue with my family, do I still love them?”

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