Daily Nugget of Gold 1334

Nintendo’s philosophy is never to go the easy path; it’s always to challenge ourselves and try to do something new.” – Shigeru Miyamoto

Daily Nugget of Gold 1334

Science Underscores Reality

So many in the scientific community have refused to entertain the notion that psychic or “psi” effects were real. Now that a number of interesting experiments have been done which effectively eliminate the past baggage of subtle forms of classical physics influence, flawed experiments, and quite often outright fraud- we are beginning to see that the mind has certain abilities that cannot be explained fully using Newtonian physics alone. What this could mean is that many of the things that we’ve experienced that seemed “paranormal” may not have been paranormal at all, just normal. The idea that we could send information through electro-magnetic energy was thought to be crazy at one time, too.

The arguments that some have made that entanglement was just too delicate to explain how the mind might have influence on other physical things or other people had validity. 200 new research papers published in the last 5 years are showing that quantum discord is far more robust than entanglement, and is a much more stable means by which two or more things could be intertwined even when separated at great distances.

Since ancient times, the great seers have told us that our thoughts matter. They’ve coached us to look within to solve the difficulties we are having in our outer realities. In many respects, there is nothing new about that. What is new is that science is beginning to find multiple physical connections between all that what we’re made of- tiny molecules, atoms, and sub-atomic particles, and the same in objects or people. It’s easy to dismiss all that for some people, but if you take wheat out of a loaf of bread- you have no bread. Take the atoms out of the bread and you have absolutely nothing at all, true?

When Jim Rohn said, “Work harder on yourself than you do on your job, money is attracted, not pursued” he probably wasn’t thinking on an atomic scale, or even tinier on the planck scale. Just the same, his words have wisdom. Bob Proctor said in The Secret, “Now, if you don’t understand it, that doesn’t mean that you should reject it. You don’t understand electricity probably. First of all, no one even knows what electricity is. And yet you enjoy the benefits of it. Do you know how it works? I don’t know how it works. But I do know this: that you can cook a man’s dinner with electricity; and you can also cook the man.”

What we’re saying here is this: While it’s nice that science is unfolding all sorts of pathways whereby a “mere” thought in the mind might change the outcome of a physical event, and it’s exciting to live in such an age- the fact that successful people throughout history already knew how to use this to their advantage ought not escape our attention. Agree?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What are we but of our thoughts?”

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