Daily Nugget of Gold 1335

Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.” – Will Durant

Daily Nugget of Gold 1335

Evidence For or Proof Of

We were watching researcher and author Dean Radin being interviewed recently about his research in the field of parapsychology and as happens quite often when he is interviewed, he is asked about “proof” that things like telepathy and precognition exist. Radin’s answer routinely is that science doesn’t offer proof of, but rather, evidence for such things to exist. Evidence, and gaining confidence in the evidence, are the objectives in science. “Proof”, as he wryly points out, is only found in mathematics and alcohol.

It can be frustrating for people in a leading-edge field of study like this, mainly because of the prejudices the scientific community and society at large have come to embrace. People are and have been told that there isn’t any evidence that these effects are real, and there is very much a major taboo in researching these effects, if you want to stay employed in the scientific field and receive grant money and the like. We didn’t actually wish to discuss all of that, but rather- we want to talk about how in our lives, we are constantly adding information into our world view which then shapes our receptiveness to other possibilities, right or wrong.

People like to think of themselves as being “open minded”, but the reality is quite different, most of the time. We’re not blaming them for this, for this has helped the human race to reach a dominant position and to insure our survival as a species- no small task considering just how many other species can only be found in the history books or archeological digs.

So let’s get back to how we learn about the world we live in. As we live life, we have experiences. Some might be good, others may be bad, and some seem to be nothing more than amusing. There really isn’t any limit in how to describe these experiences except that everything we ever live through colors our thoughts in one way or another. For us, we are blessed with a conscious mind and a subconscious mind and while the subconscious mind is open to all sorts of associations and suggestions, the role of the conscious mind is to be “the watchman at the gate” of the deeper mind.

Our troubles with making incorrect and unproductive choices for ourselves usually stem from that watchman either being fooled or lulled into an inactive role as for what is being allowed to shape our deeper mind. In our next discussion, we’ll focus on keeping that watchman’s coffee pot full, and teach him a thing or two about what’s expected on his shift. It’ll be fun.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do to enhance my ability to make important judgments correctly?”

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