Daily Nugget of Gold 1336

It is the unseen and the spiritual in people that determines the outward and the actual.” – Oswald Chambers

Daily Nugget of Gold 1336

Training our Guard to be Vigilant

We talked about “The Watchman at the Gate” last time, how our conscious mind has the duty to guard the subconscious mind from incorrect thoughts, unproductive habits, and bad choices. The trouble is that most people don’t think anything about this important role of the conscious mind and allow whatever comes along to zip right into their deeper mind. This is particularly true when the emotions are at a peak state, say- in the height of anger, massive frustration, deep disappointment, and the like. Unless we have a strategy set well in advance of such events to effectively deal with them and diffuse their emotional force, we are very likely going to allow their influence to fundamentally change our deeper mind for the worse.

Just as important are those times when we typically let our guard down, when we think we’re just kicking back and relaxing. Often we lay our subconscious mind bare to the outside world’s influences when we think there is no threat. What do we mean by that? When we recreate by watching a movie, or listening to music, often the messages we receive then are of a negative nature and we just lap it up because we think no one is trying to mess with us. The reason we can reach high emotional states doing either of the activities is because these things can affect our mood, both for the good and for bad. Our deeper mind doesn’t know the difference between fantasy and reality and treats both types of unrestricted input as truth.

So how do we teach our guard to act in a more professional and benevolent manner? One way is to make sure we are taking in a daily dose of positive motivation. Another is by keeping our Spiritual nature alive by focusing on Spiritual significance more than physical matters. We should also ask our guard to completely deny entry into our deeper mind those influences which are negative. Does this mean that we shouldn’t patronize certain types of movies or music? Yes. Yes, if we really want to give ourselves the best chances of success. Think about it, the people who make negative crap do so because they have a goal of enriching themselves. Do they really care about your success in the world? Or are they more focused on exploiting people’s weaknesses to make a buck?

Lastly, for those events we live through we would be well to adopt a few empowering beliefs so that we don’t get all caught up in overreacting to minor things. These beliefs can be ideals like, “Everything always works out for the best, eventually”, “Whatever doesn’t kill me makes me stronger”, “Better to find out sooner than to pay a greater price later on” and so on. To infuse true power into these statements, bring it back to the Spiritual side of your being and understand that no one nor any circumstance can harm your Spiritual self. Everything’s a learning experience and every situation has value in that regard.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to help my guard stay on the job?”

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