Daily Nugget of Gold 1337

Perception is reality.” – Lee Atwater

Daily Nugget of Gold 1337

Why a Clean Car Runs Better

It’s been joked about for a long time, it’s even been on commercials for various auto-related products, “A clean car runs better” is not just a laughing matter, there may be some truth to this “myth”. What? Absurd! No, really, it’s likely true! Before we get the Mythbusters to check and see if this is true, let’s look at the dynamics of what is going on here. For starters, if you own a car and took the time and trouble to wash it and clean up the interior, did it seem at least to improve its performance? If you have noticed this yourself, you might be wondering just what the one thing had to do with the other. Before we begin, let us say this- if the Mythbusters DID examine whether or not it’s really true, we fully expect them to call it busted. Curious?

It all comes down to appreciation and gratitude, and while most folks would say that nothing about the mechanical nature of a car changes when you clean it and care for it- something does change, nonetheless. Our perception in regards to how we feel about it does indeed go up a few notches. This in turn refocuses our attention on what we like about our vehicle and moves us away from the things we find annoying, or shall we say, need improving.

The very same mechanism works in relationships as well. When we give a loved one attention, normally what happens is that our relationship improves and not just because they appreciated it, but also because we’ve confirmed for ourselves that they are worthy of being cared for. One dangerous state of mind to avoid in all of this is that feeling that they owe us something in return. With a car, we logically sense that the car can’t understand what we’ve done for it, but with a human- many people are motivated to do something nice because they want something in return for it.

So what about the Mythbusters? Why wouldn’t they notice a difference if we do? We aren’t positive about this, but we imagine they would be unmoved because they would just be examining the facts as it relates to a car they were not emotionally attached to. Since duplicating the state of mind in this one requires emotional involvement with a physical object owned by that person, it would be a hard thing to replicate and keep it scientific, wouldn’t it?

So what is there to learn from all of this? Take care of the people and things in your life, treat them well. Enjoy giving without expectation of return and be pleasantly surprised with things tend to work out well for you. Your attitude determines how happy you’ll be and a positive attitude grown larger with loving care of what’s yours makes everything better. Try it and see!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

If neglect is a product of disdain, then is care a product of love?”

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