Daily Nugget of Gold 1341

The distinction between the past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” – Albert Einstein

Daily Nugget of Gold 1341

Belief in You

Hope, faith, belief, persistence, determination, desire. These are things often mentioned as essential for people to become successful by those who have achieved great things. We talk about these individual elements often, and we agree that all of those traits must be present in order to achieve extraordinary success. Yet, as people examine where they stand right now, they seem to have just one tiny voice in a wilderness of many, one incredibly, almost immeasurably small space in time and physical stature compared to the universe with its billions of galaxies made up of billions of stars each. We seem to be less significant on that scale than a speck of sand is to all the oceans of the world, true?

After reading the above paragraph, one might conclude pretty quickly that we don’t really matter much, do we? Yet, we just know that there is this Spirit within us, this nagging yearning to do something significant if we only discovered or decided just what that something would be. That Spiritual center of you is not deterred by the daunting size of our physical universe, that Spirit within you doesn’t related to that. Let’s discuss why.

Scientist have made many amazing discoveries in the last hundred years, and they’ve had to come to grips with some pretty startling revelations as they did. The conclusions that some in the scientific field are beginning to demonstrate as true are mind-blowing. It would seem that physical matter isn’t physical at all. It appears to be physical, yes- but just as you have come to accept that everything is made up of tiny atoms, at a much smaller level it seems that energy is what things are made of.

Much of the scientific research today is in trying to discover just where the properties of mass and gravitational fields come from. They need to do this because they’ve had to re-think all of that since their earlier conclusions were being shown to be incorrect. Scientists now talk about things like space and time only being illusions. Illusions! Sir Isaac Newton would have a cow!

Now, if space, time, and physical matter might be all some sort of imaginary construct within which we find ourselves, what’s left? The one and only thing we know for sure is real? “I think, therefore I am” some wise person once said. Yes, you are. And, from that standpoint, the Spiritual significance of the scriptural passages which state that we were created in the image and likeness of God ring very true indeed. What we’re seeing scientists grapple with today is nothing less than a resounding affirmation of that. You, incredible you, have work to do. Physical comfort might be nice, but Spiritual significance and impact are what you’re here for. Do it.

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What is my mission in life and how can I begin today on that journey?”

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