Daily Nugget of Gold 1357

Life has no limitations, except the ones you make.” – Les Brown

Daily Nugget of Gold 1357

Rewriting History

Our last discussion focused on using our own projection of what our future would be like to rid ourselves of a bad habit. What we are about to talk about now is a close cousin to that method. This time, instead of projecting what our future would be with and without a bad habit, we want to learn how to go back and alter history. “Impossible!”- you might say… but not so fast… Hear us out on this one.

Remember during our discussion how we visited upon the idea that any well emotionalized event has the ability to shape our subconscious conditioning or programming? What if that event was a negative one, but something that was not life-threatening? Examples of this could be getting dumped by someone, getting yelled at by your boss, or maybe losing an important game at the very last second. No, you’re not going to change the past for anyone else affected, but you have total control over what you remember about it and more importantly, how you feel about what you remember.

The video player in your mind is completely yours, no one else’s. You sit at the controls and you have the power and the ability to rewrite what happened in your mind. Why would we want to do this? We should be motivated to make this effort if we don’t wish to be limited in life. The limits we face are of our own making. This technique prevents the subconscious mind from placing limits upon ourselves that don’t need to be there, and in fact- shouldn’t exist at all.

We’ll use the example of getting dumped for this. Suppose you believed you were in a very happy, mutual relationship. Say you believed that it would last forever, but then suddenly the other person decided to dump you for somebody else. What do people normally do? Instead of thinking of all their positive traits and personal attributes, people beat up on themselves. Often they decide subconsciously to lower their standards a bit to avoid the having that happen again. Why? Because of the immense pain they’ve linked up to the event.

We can instead run through that event again, but this time think of it as black and white and a little weak or fuzzy. Then maybe we can run it backwards from ending to beginning. Then we may make the other person turn into a donkey as the scene unfolds. We can add offensive odors to them in our memories. We can see their head begin to spin or blow up large like a balloon and turn different colors. If we do this faster and faster multiple times we will destroy the memory so it cannot play anymore the way it was- and thus release ourselves from any negative power it may have once had over our behavior.

Living without limits means we need to find ways to avoid having the limits we place on ourselves, and the subconscious mind is where those limits reside. Doing a little video editing is worth it, don’t you think?

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to change any limits that would otherwise be self imposed by the events of my life?”

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