Daily Nugget of Gold 1358

Whatever we plant in our subconscious mind and nourish with repetition and emotion will one day become a reality.” – Earl Nightingale

Daily Nugget of Gold 1358

Write Your Own Programming

We’re almost finished now with our discussion on changing our subconscious mind’s conditioning for the better. Let’s touch on a fairly simple, straightforward method of implanting our own positive messages deep down in our inner mind. Relax, this will be fun, but literally- relax. Relaxation is very important. We don’t mean sit down and watch some TV, that’s not really relaxing. We mean to quiet ourselves and to quiet the thoughts which seem to constantly be racing in. An excellent time to do this is when we are about to go to sleep. Our conscious mind begins slowing down naturally at that point.

Next, we want to impregnate our deeper mind with a thought we’ve prepared in advance. “My sales are improving every day”, or maybe. “As time goes by, I am getting better and better at remembering names and faces”. We want to be careful to avoid saying things like, “I am wealthy” because this sort of statement might be rejected outright by our conscious mind and never sink in. A better way of saying this is, “as each day goes by I recognize and am grateful for all of my blessings of wealth”. What that would do is have us tune into the wealth we have and see it for what it is, and by doing that we’ll attract more to us.

We’re never going to do this subject justice in this short format, but this method is called “auto-suggestion” and it’s been written about extensively, including in many of these Nuggets. The idea is to create the condition or ideal we are seeking in our mind first- which is how we form any goal, and then calmly, repeatedly dwell on it. One word of caution, let us not use force in this process. The subconscious mind cannot be coerced or brutalized into submission. It was designed to resist that. When we do this we want to repeat it to ourselves like a gentle lullaby.

Any time we have quieted our mind is also an excellent time to visualize either by still picture or mental movies what we want in life. If we want to add power to that, the way to do it is to feel how happy we would be if we achieved our goal, or obtained the condition, event, met the ideal mate, or acquired the thing we desire. Our subconscious mind might not respond to coercion, but it has a keen ear for well emotionalized concepts.

We hope we’ve given you some useful ideas on these pages- things that you can take and use to make those changes you want to make. Our goal is your happiness, when you are- we are. Thanks, we are so happy and grateful you allowed us this opportunity to be of service to you!

Question of the Day to Ask Ourselves

What can I do today to get my subconscious working on my behalf all day long?”

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